Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddu calls Nanda Maa to judge the competition

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 23rd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harbheji telling Mata’s Gatha. Putli Bai appreciates the Gatha. Nanhi says it is not known who has won. Guddu tells that he has called Nanda Maa to judge them and goes to inform Gudiya’s family. Harbheji thinks Guddu is slipping off her hands. Guddu comes to Sarla’s house. Gudiya tells that her jowar plants have grown up. Sweety says like it happens in films. Pappu asks him to sit. Guddu says I have less time and tells Sarla that Nanda Maa is coming to Sipri to judge you. Sarla says Nanda maa. Gudiya asks who is she? Sweety says she does nice make up. Sarla says we shall make arrangements to welcome her. Putli Bai says we shall make arrangements for bhajans. Harbheji says she knows and asks if she don’t trust her. Putli Bai says never. Nanhi laughs. Sweety says we have to impress her and not to depress her.

Putli Bai says I will sing bhajan and sings. Harbheji says this is old type. Putli bai asks her to sing new type bhajan. Pappu and Radhe sing bhajan type of song. Sarla also sings. Gudiya asks what will happen to laddoo gopal if she worships Mata. Sarla scolds her and not to open her mouth infront of Mata. Harbheji also sings song as bhajan. Nanhi laughs and says you have replaced Sanam’s word with Mata. Putli Bai goes from there. Harbheji thinks she shall win. Guddu brings Nanda Maa to haveli. Atta says a bride came. Nanda Maa shies seeing Atta and calls him so sweet. Pappu asks Gudiya not to say anything infront of nanda Maa. Sarla says I will lock her in room, but truth is that we will lose as we have no competition with them. Putli Bai welcomes Nanda Maa. Nanda maa asks about the competition. Putli Bai says both families are strange. Harbheji tells that she had done mannat to do Nanda Maa’s puja and offer her prasad with Guddu and her hand. Putli Bai says you have done strange mannat. Nanda Maa dances. Harbheji gives prasad to Nanda Maa and Guddu. They both faint. Harbheji smiles. She gets dressed as Nanda Maa and tells that she had made them slept by mixing sleeping tablets. She says they will sleep for more time. Atta says how you became old. Harbheji says I am your bhabhi. She asks Madhav to keep eye on Nanda Maa and Guddu. She says Nanhi and Putli Bai went out and will not come home, as Nanhi will keep her busy.

Sarla locks Gudiya in the room. Harbheji comes to Radhe’s house as Nanda Maa. Nobody identifies her strangely and greets her. Radhe asks where is Guddu? Atta says he had sleeping pills and sleeping. Harbheji says this man is disturbing me. Pappu takes him to side. Harbheji insults Gupta and their house. Pappu thanks her and asks her to leave. Atta says she will not go without failing you. Harbheji says I want to see the idol. Radhe tells that they are withdrawing from the competition. Guddu comes there with Nanda Maa. Harbheji turns her face. Guddu tells that they were taking their test. He comes to Harbheji. Harbheji tries to clarify. Guddu says he knows all and don’t want to know. They bring Nanda Maa to the idol room. Gudiya is sitting there as a Goddess. Nanda Maa tells that she has never seen such a beautiful Goddess in her life and opens the laddoo box. Gudiya looks at the box. Sarla diverts Nanda Maa’s attention. Nanda Maa goes. Harbheji tries to tell her, but Guddu stops her and says he didn’t sleep. Gudiya takes the sweets box and eat food. Sarla and others are about to hug her, and get collide their heads.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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