Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update

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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe telling Pappu that he don’t deserves to be even ghar Jamai. He says you made my daughter go away from here. Pappu asks did I ask jiji to go. Gudiya asks them not to fight and tells that she has promised Jia that she will not let them fight. She says this fight is not your cup of tea, as Jia told me that the origin of this fight is Sarla and Sweety. She asks them to stop fighting. Sarla asks Gudiya to stop her nonsense? She says, Amma says that Jia is very smart than the clever fox. Sweety asks if Jia says such things about me. Gudiya says yes. They take Jia to room. Sarla asks Jia to say why she said that she is the origin. Sweety asks why did you say that the fire is lighted by me. Jia acts to be dizzy. Sarla asks her to stand straight. Jia says Sweety used to say bad things about Sarla. Sarla gets angry.

Sweety says leave it. Sarla asks her to tell what she says? Jia says she said that you have made everyone as your pet. Sarla says you made my son as your pet and asks why she is silent now, after making her daughter go. Sweety says your daughter taunted me and took my life. Sarla is about to sit, but Sweety pulls the stool and Sarla falls down on the floor. Sarla comes out and tells everyone that Sweety tried to kill her and made her fell down. She complains to Nanhe and others. Sweety says she didn’t do it intentionally. Pappu asks her to think and say. Radhe says first you made an issue about the bathroom and now this. Pappu says other bathroom is needed. Radhe asks them to go and stay in somewhere else. Nanhe lal asks them to be silent and calm down. Pappu says it is in his heart. He says he will not go anywhere, as this is his shop. Radhe says this house is mine. Sweety and Sarla act to patch up and hug each other. Pappu says nothing will be fine, I want share in my house. Radhe asks which share? Pappu asks him to ask himself, who is taking care of all financial needs of the house.

Radhe is shocked and says you are talking about the money calculations. Pappu says yes. Radhe says I will return your money, will sell this house and myself too. He asks what is the amount? Pappu says you are not weak at calculations that you didn’t know. Nanhe lal says this is too much now and asks them to stop and calm down. Gudiya says my bhaiyya got silent after listening to you. Radhe says atleast he heard his papa ji. Pappu says I will not listen anyone, I want my share in this house and don’t want to stay with him. Radhe says even I don’t want to stay with you, asks him to leave. Jia asks Radhe’s pita ji what is happening? Nanhe lal touches their feet and asks them to stop fighting. He takes Radhe to side and asks him to show his elderly attitude. Pappu asks what did you ask him? Radhe asks what I will do with this man who is not having his own tongue. Sarla asks him to listen. Radhe asks them not to stop him. Jia asks him to listen. Radhe announces partition and cries.

Nanhe lal sings song asking them not to fight and don’t break the thread of love, which can’t be joined again. He says there is unity in togetherness. Radhe asks Sarla to return all the stuff which is brought by his wife’s dad. Pappu says my wife…He says whatever you have, just give me. Sarla brings the jewellery and asks Nanhe lal to check, whatever he gave him. Nanhe lal says everything is yours, even me. Radhe asks them to take their stuff and leave. Jia looks at her husband’s pic and says you shall take me. She says how to see this. Gudiya asks do you want separate eyes. Jia says you are taking good training from your mother. Gudiya says amma says right about you. Jia asks her to leave. Gudiya says she has a meeting with someone, with whom she wants to take suggestion. She goes to her room and breaks a match stick, says when it was one, it broke easily, but when they are many, they can’t break. She thinks babu ji is very mature and understanding then why is he saying this. Gudiya puts a line with marbles and distributes her toys into two halves. She says decision is taken.

Precap: Radhe divides the house and gives pappu’s share. Everyone is sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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