Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Pappu gets shocked seeing Sweety’s friend

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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya telling Sarla that her sister Alka must be taking permission from her inlaws if someone goes to her house from here. Radhe asks Sweety when your friend is coming? Sweety says I called her but she didn’t pick the call. I will ask her not to come when she calls me. Radhe says this is your house also and asks her to let her friend come. Jia and Sarla objects, but Radhe tells that his decision is final. Sweety goes to get ready. Radhe and Pappu leave. Sarla says she will show stars to sweety’s friend. Gudiya says you are good and will not do this and falls on her. Jia says she saw starts in day time. Pappu and Radhe make lunch in the kitchen. Gudiya makes a drawing and asks about her friend’s name. Sweety is about to tell. Just then door bell rings….Sweety asks who will open the door. Gudiya opens the door. Saroj comes there. Sweety calls her. Pappu gets shocked, puts flour on his face and goes out of kitchen. Saroj asks who is he? Sweety says your jija ji. Jia applies balm to Sarla and asks shall I apply more. Sarla says this pain will not go with balm. Sweety makes Saroj meet Radhe. Saroj says she will cook food. Sweety says Maa makes food daily. Radhe says I will make tea for you. Saroj insists to cook food. Radhe goes.

Saroj makes a dish and asks about hing. Sweety asks what is it? Gudiya smells it and gives to Saroj. Sweety stops her, but she goes to Sarla’s room. Gudiya asks Sarla to wake up as the food is made. Saroj asks Sarla to wake up else she can’t touch her feet. Sarla gets up. Saroj touches her feet. Sarla blesses her. Saroj gives her something mixed with Hing. Sarla drinks it and thanks her. Jia thinks Sarla is acting. Saroj comes to Jia and touches her feet. Jia asks about her place and tells about sweets. Saroj says I brought it and gives sweets to her. She shows Amitabh Bachchan’s pic. Pappu hides in room and is sad. Sarla is happy seeing Saroj working in kitchen. Jia, Radhe, Sarla and Gudiya smile. Song plays….Saroj says food is ready and asks them to come and have food. Gudiya says she will call her brother. Saroj goes to kitchen to bring rice. Gudiya comes to Pappu and tells that Amma and Jia are both happy with Saroj and asks him to come and have food. Pappu asks her to go. Saroj sees him going and calls him asking him to eat food. Pappu turns to her. Saroj is shocked.

Radhe says food is good and asks him to come. Pappu comes there. Saroj brings rice and keeps on the table. She gives plate to Pappu. Radhe asks Pappu why is he not eating? Pappu looks at Saroj. Radhe tells Saroj that the food is good. Jia says you got 100 marks. Sweety says how you have done this? Sarla says with her hands and tells Saroj that she reminded her of her Amma. Gudiya says Amma changed her opinion after eating food. Radhe asks her not to talk. Pappu coughs. Saroj gives him water. She comes to Pappu while he is washing his hands and insists to talk to him. Gudiya asks what you are talking? Saroj says no, I was not telling him anything. Saroj comes to Sarla and insists to make tea. Sarla goes. Sweety asks her not to change her habit. Saroj asks her to ask Pappu why he is upset. Sweety goes to room and asks Pappu why is he upset. Pappu tells that he is stuck by uninvited trouble. Sweety says she will call Papa. Pappu says now. Sweety says my friend is hopeful for you. Pappu asks what?

Precap: Saroj comes to Pappu late in the night. Radhe comes out. Saroj hides her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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