Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Tough time for Nanhi and Sweety

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya saying it is miracle that Guddu can speak again. Guddu comes to Putli Bai and asks him to do something. She tells that they have done joke on devotion and asks him to give them a chance to show their devotion. Guddu smiles hearing her plan. He sees Gudiya and calls her. Gudiya asks what happened? Guddu asks did you ever think why Devi Maa is participating in the bhakti competition as our devotion is less. He asks of an idea to bring out their devotion fully. Gudiya gets an idea and tells that competition will be Nanhi shall stop eating and Sweety shall not do make up. Guddu says who will tell them? Gudiya says she will and asks him to handle Harbheji. Guddu says you said that you will handle. Gudiya says it is same if you tell or me. Guddu thinks she is troublesome surely. Harbheji calls everyone to have aarti. Gudiya tells that she has a good idea for the competition. Guddu comes and tells that for the competition, Nanhi has to keep nirjala fast for 24 hours. Harbheji asks him if Gudiya asked him to say this and tells that she is ready to lose for him. She says Guddu is singing in her tune. Gudiya says it is a miracle and tell that you are hearing the tune. Harbheji asks Devimaa to give her freedom from Gudiya. Putli Bai asks Harbheji to agree for the competition and goes. Harbheji asks Gudiya to go.

Gudiya comes home and asks Sarla to prepare for the next round else they will lose. Radhe asks what is the competition round? Gudiya says we have to convince Sweety Bhabhi not to apply make up for 24 hours. Sarla beats her for giving such an idea and says Sweety can die, but can’t leave make up. Radhe asks Sarla not to beat her daughter. Gudiya asks Sarla to convince Sweety. Sarla refuses, but agrees. They hear the song playing. Sarla says cinema started. Pappu and Sweety dance in the room. Sweety comes out of room and sees Sarla standing. Pappu says I told her that we shall not dance in day time. Sarla starts praising her and tells that her bahu will also dance. Sweety asks if you are talking about me. Sarla asks if there is any more heroine here. Sweety says Amma and hugs Sarla. Gudiya comes there and tells Sweety that she has to stay without make up for 24 hours. Harbheji tries to convince Nanhi, but the latter refuses. She says I will eat, but can lie. Harbheji agrees.

Sweety cries and asks how to do a big sacrifice and asks if she will stop Pappu from going to washroom. Sarla emotionally blackmails her to convince her. Sweety gets emotional and tells that she can give her life for her, but can’t give up on make up. Pappu tells that this drama will end. He asks Sweety what she will do if she gets a chance to act in films. Sweety says then she can’t refuse. Gudiya asks her to agree and says may be you will get chance to act in films. Sweety agrees and removes make up from her face. Pappu gets upset seeing her face. Gudiya comes to Harbheji and tells that Sweety has agreed to stay without make up for 24 hours.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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