Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Harbheji insults Sarla


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe coming out of bathroom. Sarla says you came out now and tells that you have broken your record. Radhe says he thinks about politics thinking there and tells that today he was thinking about Guddu. He says he went far for his brother’s mannat. Sarla tells that Guddu is different. Sweety comes there and asks where you will go and do mannat so that Gudiya learns housework. Sarla gets angry and knocks on the bathroom door asking Pappu to come out and handle his wife. Sweety asks her to make her daughter understand. She calls Gudiya and asks her to do the work. Gudiya asks if something has happened to your hands. Sarla asks her to come down and do the work. Gudiya tells that today she is planning to get Guddu rid of his problems. Sarla is about to faint hearing Sweety taunts. Pappu scolds Sweety and goes behind her. Sarla gets up and gets back to work. Gudiya tells Bantu that she is going to see Bajar Battu. She is going to haveli through the window, but Harbheji comes in the window and scolds her, asking her to do the house work else she will be stuck to neighbor’s window. Sarla asks Bantu to come with her to buy vegetables. Harbheji gets an idea and says even I have to go and buy vegetables.

Sarla comes out and asks about the price of the vegetable. The vegetable seller tells the price. Sarla says it is costly. Harbheji tells that costly things can’t be bought by everyone. Sarla asks if you are telling me. Harbheji taunts her and asks her to get Gudiya married soon, tells that nobody’ dal will be cooked in her house. Sarla asks what are you saying? Harbheji says someone has the habit of showing rights on others’ things. Sarla says it is not our habits. Harbheji says I am talking about less status people. Sarla says I am not having less status. Harbheji tells that if she counts herself in less status people. She says I wish I could help you. She tells that Guddu is bal brahmachari and her son Gabbar will get married in a rich and high status family and not in poor or beggar’s family. She asks did you agree? Sarla says I understood..She asks the vegetable seller about the Ladies finger’s price. He says 20 Rs. Harbheji buys everything whatever she asks for and gives money to the vegetable vendor and asks him to keep the change. Vegetable seller asks Sarla to buy vegetables. Sarla says why to get it from here and tells that she will get it from haveli. Harbheji looks on.

Sarla comes home and calls Gudiya. She goes to Gudiya and beats her. Radhe and Pappu ask Sarla to leave Gudiya. Gudiya runs downstairs. Radhe asks if Sarla got the attack. Sarla tells Gudiya that she will break her legs if she goes there. Radhe asks Sarla to calm down. Sweety says what did you ask? Sarla tells that Harbheji insulted her openly. Bantu tells that she was talking to Nani nicely and tells that she brought costly vegetables. Pappu tells that Amma is misunderstanding things. Pappu tells Sarla that she didn’t good right to beat Gudiya. Gudiya thanks her for the massage. Sarla tells that Sweety didn’t open her mouth in Gudiya’s favor and calls him Nikammi. Sweety asks Radhe to get her ticket to Mahua. Sarla runs after Sweety. Bantu tells Gudiya that Harbheji was talking nicely to Nani. He asks about the injury on her hand. Gudiya says nice design was made. Later she watches the star through the binoculars…Sweety comes to her. Gudiya tells that she couldn’t see Guddu since morning. Sweety asks if he didn’t meet you. Gudiya says when she didn’t see him then how she will meet him. She tells that her day was not without Guddu. Sweety says you are missing him as if heroine misses her hero. She asks did you love Guddu? Gudiya says yes, and tells that she loves him as a friend.

Harbheji talks to Saroj and comes to know that girl is found. She gets happy and asks who is the girl? She asks her to bring the people to their haveli with all the arrangements and tells that if everything is fine then they will do roka at the same time. Putli Bai hears her. Gabbar talks crazily. Putli Bai asks if she wants to get him married in this condition and asks about the girl. Harbheji tells that she trusts Babaji and tells that if Gabbar doesn’t become fine, then I promise that I will get that girl remarried. Putli Bai says this is not easy. Harbheji says sasur ji comes in my dreams daily and asks shall I let his legacy end. Putli Bai says Sardar comes in my dreams too and tells whatever happens. She says this is her last chance and asks her not to involve her in this. Harbheji smiles. Gabbar says I will get married.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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