Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Jia calls her friend’s daughter for Nanhe’s marriage

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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sweety asking Gudiya if she is feeling good now. Gudiya says she wants Chacha ji to marry. Sweety says I am angry with you. I have selected Sajeli as my mum. She asks why did you stop this teacher? Gudiya says she herself stopped. Sweety says if Sajeli don’t marry Papa then I will have a big loss. She says how she will learn to apply kajal and mascara then. She says she wants to learn smoky eyes from her. She says she can’t die without learning this. Gudiya asks her to learn geography then and comes out. She tells that Chacha ji has a choice to do love marriage and choose between Sajeli and Pratiksha.

Radhe and Pappu talk to pratiksha. Radhe asks her to tell something about herself. She says everyone knows geography at my house. Pappu says they all know geography. Gudiya says you have studied like bachchan Saheb. Pratiksha asks did you lie? Radhe says no. Pratiksha says we lie infront of kids and expect kids to say truth. She asks Nanhe lal if he lies. Nanhe lal says no. Pratiksha says you are lying. Radhe says you shall be psychology teacher. Gudiya tries to make Pratiksha laugh and says my Chacha ji doesn’t see you lauging. Pratiksha appreciates her and tells that different mindset people remain alone just like me. Gudiya says we all are with you. Radhe says you said right and says we all are with you. Nanhe lal thinks why samdhan ji is taking time to make tea.

Sarla makes tea. Sweety asks Sarla to take her side and choose Sajeli for her Papa. Sarla is upset with the idea. Gudiya asks Sweety to tell the truth to Pratiksha and says she likes it. Sweety asks how? Sarla brings tea. Radhe asks Pratiksha to drink tea. Pratiksha asks if this is the time to eat tea now. Pappu says we will have kachori. Pratiksha asks them not to eat anything now. Radhe asks what to eat then? She says air and asked them to have fresh air. She asks Sarla to keep them healthy. Nanhe lal tells that Kanhaiya’s kachoris are very popular and is imported also. He says one can’t resist it. Pratiksha gets happy with his truthfulness. Radhe and Pappu hug each other. Nanhe lal says we will think and decide. Pratiksha says she likes him and is leaving, when Gudiya comes to her and tells that her bhabhi has selected mother for her and asks her to refuse for marriage. Pratiksha says she has made up her mind and tells that she wants to part of the truthful family and goes. Gudiya signs no to Sweety. Jia tells Nanhe lal that there is another surprise for him. Nanhe lal asks if someone else is coming and asks her to forgive him.

Gudiya asks him whom he likes. Nanhe lal says I don’t want to marry. Gudiya tells that Chacha ji don’t want to marry and upset Maa. She tells that if he marries then will go out of our hands. Sarla gets upset, scolds her and goes. Nanhe lal comes to Sarla. Sarla tells that Gudiya is taking her words wrongly and tells that she is happy with his happiness. She asks him to have trust in them after marriage also and asks him to take decision carefully. Nanhe lal looks at her. Gudiya and Sweety come to him. Gudiya asks which girl you like. Sweety laughs and asks if they are girls? Gudiya says they are not old like Amma. Nanhe lal says he don’t want to marry.

Pushplatha mausi comes there and brings her daughter there. Gudiya says confusion is thrice now and tells Nanhe lal that even 3rd girl came. Sarla greets Pushplatha. Pushplatha says you have become fat and asks her to cut down her weight. Jia and Pushplatha greet each other. Jia tells Nanhe that the girl is Pushplatha’s daughter Damayanti. Sarla smiles. Nanhe lal gets upset and says I will go. Gudiya asks him to talk to Damayanti. Radhe asks Nanhe lal to go to terrace. Nanhe lal refuses. Radhe sends him. Pushplatha asks Sarla if she don’t make her bahu eat food. Sarla says Sweety eats food, but everything is gone in dancing. Pushplatha asks Sarla to dance to become lean.

Gudiya takes Nanhe lal and Pushplatha’s pic. Nanhe lal smiles seeing Sarla from the terrace. He tells that he has to go to work. Gudiya asks him to talk to her as they have to decide. He asks her what she likes? She says feeling shy, feeling shy, feeling shy….She asks what you likes. Nanhe lal says running away and runs.

Precap: Sarla sees Nanhe lal running and thinks he is shy and selects Damayanti for him. Sweety says Papa will marry Sajeli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Thank you Hasan for updates. Keep up the good work. People like me who are losing their hearing cannot catch up with the dialogues and depends on your updates.

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