Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vandana and Neelu get married

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harbheji seeing Pinky dancing and thinks she is shameless to dance in her own marriage. Pappu asks Sweety to bring Vandana for the marriage. Harbheji sees Vandana and tells Vijay’s mother that they are betrayed. Sarla says you was betrayed, not them. Vandana sits beside Vijay and looks at his face. She asks who is he and asks where is Neelu? Guddu brings Neelu there. Neelu and Vandana have a hug. Vijay’s father asks what is happening? Gudiya tells that Vandana loves Neelu and that even she has short term memory loss problem. She asks them to take double money. Vijay’s father asks them to give double money as Vandana is having three defects. Radhe asks if they will give their daughter in such family. Vijay tells Vandana’s father that he will never let her head low and asks for her hand. He says he is trying for govt job and will get it. Vandana’s mother realizes that Vandana didn’t forget since 3 days. Her father gives the credit to Gudiya for making her fall which made her fine. He asks what she wants and asks her to ask? Gudiya asks him to get Vandana marry Neelu. He nods his head. Vijay gets upset and goes from there. Pandit ji asks for ghatbandhan cloth. Mausi ji gives. Vandana and Neelu take rounds and get married. Pandit ji says this marriage is completed. Everyone dances. Radhe says why do we play such songs. Pappu gives his own reasoning.

Next day, Radhe asks Bantu to come out of the bathroom. Even Pappu is waiting to go inside and asks him to come out. Gudiya thinks she has done work before Amma and she will be surprised. Sweety comes there and asks Pappu if he saw her lucky pot in which she keeps her lipsticks. Gudiya says it is in my hand. Sweety cries hugging it. Gudiya says I will grow something in it. Sweety cries and runs with her pot. Radhe says there is a storm everywhere, at the start of the navratri. Sarla shouts and tells that miracle happened. She tells that she kept yellow cloth on Mata Rani, and it became red. Radhe, Gudiya and Pappu run there. Sarla tells this to them. Radhe takes Pappu to side and tells that yellow cloth fell down on sindoor, so he covered mata rani with red cloth. He says I shall tell Sarla. Pappu stops him, says let him be happy. Radhe says yes., let the miracle storm goes on. He asks Gudiya not to inform anyone. Gudiya tells that everyone shall hear this.

Putli Bai sows the seeds for navratri and sings song. Guddu comes there. Putli tells that she is sowing jowar seeds. Atta asks her to grow seeds in the ground. Putli Bai asks him to go. Guddu tells that they will see Navratri in Sipri. He looks forward to watch Ram Leela. Atta says I will become Lakshman and will cut Supanarakha’s nose. Putli Bai scolds him and beats him. Guddu runs behind them.

Gudiya goes out and tells the neighbors that miracles are happening in her house as Mata Rani chose her house. Nanhi smells the prasad coming from the other house. Harbheji says Amma’s orders are very strict and that’s why she didn’t celebrate Navratri. Gudiya comes there and gets happy seeing Putli. Putli Bai tells that she has come today. Gudiya tells about the miracle happening in her house and tells that she will go and tell this Guddu. She goes. Harbheji thinks how did this miracle happen at Sarla’s house. She asks her to find out. Putli bai asks her not to think of using her. Harbheji says she has to get the info from cruel Gudiya..

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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