Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sweety brings Sajeli to see Nanhe lal

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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya asking Nanhe lal not to feel bad about Amma’s words. Nanhe lal asks Sarla to eat kachori brought by him. Sarla asks him not to bring kachori and asks him to change his habits. Sweety comes there and brings Sajeli. Sarla says Sajeli…you. Sajeli says yes. She asks how are you Sarla. Sarla says I am fine. Sajeli asks if you will get facial done. Nanhe lal asks what? Sweety asks Nanhe lal to get facial done and tells that Sajeli will be her new Maa and does nice gold facial. She tells that she went to parlour and brought new mother here. Pappu tells Radhe that Sweety is fast. Radhe says we shall understand this story first and greets Sajeli. Sajeli greets him as Samdhi ji and says you need to dye your hairs. Nanhe lal sees Sarla upset and says she is burning. Gudiya asks what? Nanhe says nothing. Sarla asks Radhe if Sweety has done mad, tells that Sajeli is very complicated and not right for Samdhi ji. Radhe says you don’t like anyone for Samdhi ji. Gudiya asks Nanhe lal not to feel bad about her Amma’s words and asks him to do love marriage. Radhe scolds Gudiya. Jia asks Sajeli if ears can be done and says may be my ears will open.

Sajeli says she will do her facial and will bring its stuff. Gudiya says Sajeli does bride’s make up nicely and will do Gudiya’s make up for her marriage. Sajeli says why not and tells that she will open a parlour at home. She asks Sweety why her eyes are swollen. Sweety asks her to teach her how to apply it. Radhe asks Sweety to talk to her. Nanhe lal asks Radhe and Sarla to decide. Gudiya tells him that Amma was scared, if you get married then you will be out of our control. Radhe coughs. Pappu sends her to get water. Sajeli asks nanhe lal to tell about his likes. Nanhe lal says he has a routine life and asks about her. Sajeli tells the same things which is liked by Sweety. Sweety gets happy. Gudiya brings water and falls on Sajeli mistakenly. Sweety asks her why she applied cheap kajal. Sajeli says she will leave.

Sweety then tells that the kajal is looking as smoky on eyes. Sajeli asks really? Gudiya tells Sarla that Sajeli is very simple and not complicated. Sajeli asks she is complicated and flirts with Nanhe. Nanhe lal asks Sajeli to think. Sajeli says she can’t wait and falls on Radhe mistakenly. She leaves laughing from there. Radhe tells that she is strange. Pappu says she came to shop twice. Sarla apologizes to Nanhe lal for Gudiya’s talks. Nanhe lal asks her not to say that. Radhe asks her to make tea. Pappu asks her to make something and says he is hungry. She asks him to have samosa.

Nanhe lal comes to Sarla and tells that he don’t want to marry and asks her not to worry. Sweety taunts Nanhe. Sarla apologizes to Nanhe lal. Nanhe lal asks her not to feel bad. Radhe asks her to calm down. Nanhe tells Sweety that he don’t want to marry. Radhe says I know you want to marry. Nanhe lal says I don’t want to marry. Pappu’s friend Santosh comes there and brings a lady. Pappu says she is pratiksha. Pratiksha says why didn’t you pick Santosh’s call. Pappu says they were busy with guest. Gudiya says Sajeli had come for Chacha ji’s alliance. Everyone looks at her. Pratiksha appreciates Gudiya for her truthfulness. Radhe asks Sarla to make tea. Pratiksha tells that she teaches geography.

Precap: Pratiksha agrees to marry Nanhe. Jia tells Nanhe lal that there is another surprise for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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