Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Putli Bai likes Gudiya’s childish nature

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badi Amma telling that the girl was mannerless and bad, said that she will come again. Putli Bai says she didn’t think her as mannerless, somewhat childish. Guddu says God shall not give such childishness to anyone. Putli Bai says I was like her in my childhood, I recalled my childhood. Guddu says she is not that bad. Gudiya talks to hanuman’s idol and says I thought Guddu’s family is good, but they seem to be complicated. She says they reacted when the plate fell down from my hand, and acted as if their world got turned upside down. She says that bajar battu was laughing at me and asks Hanuman ji to handle everything. She says she will not accept her defeat. Putli Bai says so the girl is such. Guddu says she is not bad. Badi Amma says she is mannerless. Nanhi comes there and tells that she wants Guddu’s room. Guddu says ok. Badi Amma says Guddu will stay there only. Madhav asks his wife to agree to his daughter’s sayings and asks Nanhi to get the room. Putli Bai shouts and asks since when you started taking my house decisions. Madhav gets upset and goes. Nanhi tells that she likes that room and wants to stay there. Badi Amma says Guddu is staying there since he came. Nanhi insists. Putli Bai says Guddu’s room will be of Guddu’s only. Nanhi goes upset. Putli Bai tells Badi Amma that she didn’t teach good values to Nanhi. Badi Amma asks her to see how sanskari Guddu is? Badi Amma says you made the good boy as bal brahmachari. Badi Amma says I didn’t make her brahmachari and asks her to talk to him. Matai asks her to take tea. Putli Bai refuses to take tea. Later her other son comes there and asks for prasad. Putli Bai says you already had your prasad, as he is drunk. He goes.

Radhe tells that puja is done surely as there is a silence. Pappu says this is the silence before the storm comes. Radhe tells that he is scared and tells that they shall do friendship with them. Sarla says we have to be careful and eats food slowly else mouth will be burnt. Putli Bai opens the window and looks out. Radhe, Sarla and others get shocked and vanish. Guddu tries to talk to Nanhi. Nanhi refuses to talk to him. Guddu gives her chocolate. Nanhi shares chips with him. He says room is yours. Nanhi says I can’t get it. Guddu asks her to use it whenever she wants. Nanhi tells that his badi amma doesn’t speak to her well. Guddu asks her to talk to badi amma nicely. Nanhi refuses and goes.

Bantu asks Gudiya not to mess with Guddu’s family. Gudiya says that his family members were talking bad with me as it is Guddu’s conspiracy. Bantu asks him to stay far from them as their family members are scared. Gudiya asks the God if he has won from her and says you told me so many good things about them. She asks him to say who is bigger, her family or God.

Badi amma is taking food for Gabbar. Guddu says he will take food for him. Badi Amma asks him to be careful. Guddu says I didn’t get beaten by him since many days. Badi Amma laughs, once he goes, she makes an upset face. Guddu brings food for Gabbar. Gabbar tells that he don’t want to talk to him, as they all have to come here because of him. Guddu says you said right that you all have to come because my college is here. Gabbar asks him to stop college. Guddu agrees and tells that if he don’t go then how will he tell him stories. Gabbar asks him to go to college. Guddu makes him eat food. Gabbar tells that it is spicy and shouts for water. Guddu gives him water. Badi amma tells Gabbar that she will make non spicy food for him. Guddu plays with Gabbar. Gudiya comes on the window. Guddu asks why did you come again? Gudiya says she came to become their friends. Guddu says that his family members will not befriend her and asks her to go. Gudiya tells that she trusts her hanuman ji and you are talking nonsense so that I don’t win from you. She says what you said that your Dadi will not let me come near her. She says she will do some kalakari. She writes something on the paper.

Badi Amma tells Putli Bai that she will prepare for breakfast. Gudiya comes there and sits behind Putli Bai. Nanhi comes there and asks her to go. Gudiya says she will not go anywhere and comes to Putli Bai. Putli Bai sees the chart and looks at Gudiya.

Precap: Gudiya tells Sarla that she will take Kheer for Putli ji and runs out of house. She collides with Nanhi and the kheer falls on her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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