Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddu and Gudiya teamed up to unite Vandana and Neelu

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guddu coming to the window and signs Gudiya to come. Gudiya comes to Guddu and asks what is the matter? Guddu tells that bade Amma brought Neelu Pathak. Gudiya says Vandana also takes this name. Guddu tells that Badi Amma wanted me not to talk to him, for her own reasons, but I think that we shall make Vandana and Neelu meet once. Gudiya says ok and goes to Vandana. She asks her to meet Neelu and tells that he has come. Vandana says he had come long before and asks if she forget things. Gudiya comes to Guddu and tells that Vandana forgot. Guddu tells that they shall make them meet once before Vandana’s marriage.. Harbheji and Nanhi try to hear them. Harbheji says Guddu is slipping from her hand and thinks to do something. Gudiya gets stomach pain and tells Radhe. Radhe asks her to tell whatever she is hiding. Pappu brings pan and asks her to tell. Gudiya says I can’t eat and shall light it first. She tells that Neelu Pathak came her. Mausa ji asks where is he and looks out. Radhe asks what is her connection with him. Mausa ji says Vandana has a short term memory, but she didn’t forget him. He says we shall not leave her alone. Pappu tells that the guy must have come to elope with Vandana, but we shall not let her elope. Later in the night, Guddu takes Neelu to Radhe’s house and whistles standing out of Gudiya’s room. Gudiya wakes up and comes out. She asks why you are whistling? Guddu asks if she forgot their plan.

Gudiya recalls and tells that Vandana is in the tight security of her parents. Gudiya goes to Mausa and Mausi’s room and wakes up Vandana. She tells her that Neelu ji came. Vandana asks who is he and pushes Gudiya on Mausi. Mausi wakes up and shouts. Mausa ji shouts. Everyone wakes up and come to the room. Guddu and Neelu try to go back, but stop seeing Harbheji on the window. Harbheji calls Sarla and asks for sugar. Radhe asks Gudiya how did she fall? Gudiya shows how she fell and makes Mausi fell. Guddu makes Neelu wear saree and he covers Gudiya’s dupatta on his head. Gudiya comes out and says it is my dupatta. Harbheji sees them and shouts saying thieves in Sarla’s house. Radhe, Pappu and Mausa ji run behind them. They snatch Mausa ji’s dhoti to cover their face and runs out. Mausa ji says it is good that they stole only my dhoti. Guddu is about to say, but stops…

Vandana tells Gudiya that she will marry only Neelu, then she can’t brush her teeth in open. Guddu comes to the window and says you spoke everything for a pan. Gudiya tells that she can’t hide and tells that they shall make them elope. Guddu says he will think and let her know. He goes to get ready.

Vijay’s mother applies haldi to him. Vijay says it is enough. Harbheji tries to indirectly tell them about Vandana. They tell that Vandana’s height is less. Harbheji says she is having a good height. They all laugh. Guddu comes there and tells that everyone has their own perspective. Harbheji thinks something is wrong.

Guddu comes to Gudiya and Vandana. Vandana is ready as a bride. Gudiya asks Vandana to meet Neelu. Vandana asks who is Neelu? Guddu says only bajrang bali can show the way and goes as Pappu calls him. Gudiya asks Vandana to come to room and meet bajrang bali. Vandana falls down on the ground and faints. Pappu scolds Gudiya. Gudiya says she was taking her to room on Guddu’s sayings. They call the doctor. Sarla scolds her. Mausa ji tells Doctor that Vandana had fell down in her childhood and since then she is having short term memory loss. Doctor says she will be fine. Vandana gains consciousness and calls Neelu. Gudiya jokes. Vandana asks where is Neelu ji? Mausa ji and Mausi ask her to forget Neelu.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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