Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Radhe, Jia and Sweety decide to get Nanhe marry, Sarla opposes the idea

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe telling Sarla that Nanhe lal was shying about marriage. Sarla says he slapped Sweety on our face, who ran away and you are saying we shall talk about his marriage. He says you talk nicely with him. She says she has to and tells that don’t know how will be the new Samdhan and then Nanhe lal will not the same. Gudiya comes there. Radhe asks her to go to Jia. Sarla says we shall stay away from this matter, don’t know how she will be. Nanhe lal says your thinking is so small. Sarla asks her to think if she said right or not. Sweety thinks she shall think about her father and regrets for not getting him married before. Gudiya comes to her and tells whatever Sarla said to Radhe. Sweety says I will search a good mother for me. Gudiya comes to Jia and asks if Nanhe lal will not marry. Jia tells that her friend’s grand daughter has decided to marry and says she will talk about nanhe’s alliance with her. Sweety calls Parlour lady and says she wants to talk to her. Radhe tells Pappu what Sarla told about Nanhe’s marriage. Pappu asks did Papa ask you to fix his marriage. Radhe says he was feeling shy and that means he wants to marry. He asks Pappu to talk to someone about Nanhe’s marriage. Pappu asks him to talk to Nanhe once. Radhe says I will talk to him.

Nanhe lal comes home and asks Gudiya about Sarla. Gudiya says Amma went to do mannat that you shouldn’t marry as she is worried about Sweety and thinks you will go out of control. Nanhe lal thinks he will not go out of her control. Sarla comes back home and teases Nanhe lal. Nanhe lal goes to meet Radhe in the shop. Sarla brings Prasad and gives to them. Radhe asks Nanhe lal to sit and tells that if Sarla goes anywhere, he feels sad. He asks if he misses such a life. Nanhe lal tells that God gave him such a life and tells that he makes bed tea for himself, goes to work and then heads back home, opens the lock and gets inside. He says I sometimes feel that someone shall be waiting for me, care for me and ask me if I have roti or not. Sarla goes. Gudiya says Amma got worried for Chacha ji.

Nanhe lal comes to Sweety. Sweety takes him inside the room and tells that she is very worried for him. Nanhe lal says now I am habitual to do the work. Sweety asks him to get married. Nanhe lal refuses. Sweety tells that his Samdhan was jealous knowing about his marriage. Nanhe lal thinks why he couldn’t see her jealousy. Sweety asks him to agree for marriage. Nanhe lal says I will see as the matter is about my life. Sweety says I will make you meet my Maa and tells that Amma/Samdhan shall not know. Nanhe lal says ok. Sweety hugs him. Nanhe lal looks at Sarla and smiles, seeing her taking off the clothes from balcony. Radhe calls him and says I want to talk to you about something important. He asks him not to refuse. Nanhe lal asks what? Radhe says we have found a perfect match for you and asks him not to let Sarla know and says I will explain to you. Jia comes there and says I want to talk to you. She makes him sit and whispers in his ears about something. Nanhe lal looks at Sarla and thinks how she looks being jealous. Jia asks Nanhe lal what he thinks? Nanhe lal agrees. Gudiya says I will write, come for Chacha ji’s marriage surely. Nanhe lal laughs.

Gudiya hears on Radio about different types of love and goes to Sweety asking her to congratulate her. Sweety says you made water drops fall on my face and ruined my make up. Gudiya says it is looking as if fog fell on you. She asks her to congratulates her and tells that he will make Nanhe lal love the woman who is marrying him. She asks her to come for her Chacha ji’s marriage. Sweety thinks she will choose mummy of her choice.

Gudiya comes to Sarla. Sarla says your milk is ready and asks who brushes their teeth after bathing. Gudiya says I. She drinks milk and comes to kitchen. She asks Sarla to go and says she wants to have private talk to God. Sarla goes out. Gudiya asks God to make Nanhe lal have a love marriage and tells about Jia talking to her friend. Sarla asks Gudiya about what she was saying? Gudiya tells her. Sarla confronts Jia for selecting alliance for Nanhe lal and tells that you have snatched last hope. Nanhe lal hears her.

Precap: Sweety brings her choice of alliance for Nanhe lal. The lady Sajeli flirts with Nanhe.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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