Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Gudiya’s engagement stops as Muddu runs away

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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla asking Gudiya to have food and tells that she will go and check the workers. Radhe searches for the saree in Gudiya’s room. Sarla comes there and tells that Gudiya is busy in eating food. Radhe asks her to go out and see her. Sarla comes to Gudiya and asks if Pappu and others have food. Gudiya says she ate all the kadi, it was good. Sarla asks Sweety and Alka not to let her go. Sweety and Alka ask her to see the gifts they brought for Muddu. Nanhe lal is busy in the arrangements of engagement and asks the men to keep the flour in the kitchen. Sarla comes there. Nanhe lal looks at her and smiles. Sarla asks why is he looking at her. Nanhe lal tells that he saw Anita Raj two years back. Sarla feels shy. Nanhe lal gives her cold drink. Sarla finishes all at one go. Nanhe lal is surprised and he finishes his cold drink. Radhe gets tired of searching the saree and throws the pillow down. Saree comes out from pillow. Radhe smiles and takes the saree to his room. Sarla says she will hide it. Saree falls down on the floor. Sarla and Radhe get emotional seeing Amma design on the saree. They get emotional. Sarla asks him to keep the saree back. Radhe keeps back the saree. Gudiya dances wearing the saree and smiles.

Radhe gets a call from Pappu and tells Nanhe lal that they didn’t come. Radhe asks Nanhe lal to call him. Nanhe lal says they don’t have phone, I will go and check. Radhe says even they ran and asks him to wait till Pappu comes back home. Pappu comes back home. He tells that he is waiting for the groom and his family at delight chowrahe, but nobody came.So he went to chirgao and asked the neighbors about them, but nobody knows about them. Nanhe lal takes out anger on Chunni lal. Gudiya gets sad. Jia says groom might be stuck somewhere. Gudiya says yes. Sarla cries and tells that her daughter is not getting married as the groom ran away. She cries. Pappu cries to console her. Nanhe lal says I am feeling ashamed and tells that he will bring the guy back and put him on her foot. Sarla folds her hands angrily and cries. Nanhe lal is shocked and goes. Sweety, Alka and Sarla cries. Radhe tries to pacify Sarla. They all look upto Gudiya sadly. In the night, Radhe is crying. Jia asks what happened? Radhe says I couldn’t do anything Jia and cries. Jia makes him lie down on her lap and tells that marriage happens with destiny. Radhe asks why her destiny is such. She is like a flower and have a beautiful heart, why nobody could see it. He cries. Gudiya smiles hearing him. She goes to Sarla’s room and sees her sad.

Pappu tells Sweety that the groom eloped even after Papa ji talked to him. Alka says we shall go and talk to her. Pappu says she is alone and tells that for the first time, matter came to this point. Sweety says Gudiya got serious this time. Pappu tells that his sister is so good, why nobody could see. Sweety says she will get married to a good guy. Gudiya hears them and talks to Muddu’s pic, tells him about the problem in the house. She asks why you didn’t come. She imagines Muddu telling that he has come. Gudiya gets happy and tells that her family is sad and she don’t have the strength to talk to anyone. She asks him to stay there and calls everyone asking to come and see the surprise. They all come there and look for muddu, but he is not there. Gudiya says he is greeting you all, you also greet him. Radhe, Pappu, Sweety, Sarla and others re shocked. Pappu asks where is Muddu? Gudiya says here, and she couldn’t see herself and tells that he was standing here. She says she will search him and bring him back. Radhe asks her to sit. Sarla cries and says what happened to my daughter. She hugs Gudiya.

Precap: Gudiya imagines Muddu and plays with him. Radhe gets a call and tells Pappu that his friend from America asked Gudiya’s alliance for his son. Pappu gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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