Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddu fools Gudiya about his family’s behavior

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla praising Guddu for his help. Gudiya says my marriage broke off because of him and you are praising her. Sarla says alliance was not even fixed. Radhe asks didn’t you hear about their plan? Pappu asks if you have gone mad? Gudiya says yes, as this lootera has snatched my love. Guddu asks did you fall in love with him. Gudiya tells yes and tells that her feelings are broken. She tells that she will stay in her room. Sarla asks where is the broom? Guddu apologizes to Sarla and Radhe and swears that he didn’t lie. Radhe says I trust you more than myself. Sarla asks him to have halwa. Guddu says I was very happy that the guy’s family came to see her, but….Radhe says surely there is someone in Gudiya’s life and must be hiding someone. The guy shouts and tells that he don’t want to go anywhere. Badi Amma comes and calls him babbar. Babbar tells that he don’t want to go from here. Badi Amma tries to convince him to come. Babbar refuses to come with her. Badi Amma asks if he don’t want to meet Guddu. Babbar says Guddu and then refuses to come, says you lied that Guddu will return. Badi Amma cries and hopes there must be someone who treats him. Guddu climbs up and down the stairs and tells that he couldn’t bear the fact that he was blamed. He says how can someone reject a girl on her face and says they must have seen her pic. Matai says whatever happened was right. Guddu tells that he will maintain distance with her and tells that once Badi Amma and Dadi comes, then he will not go there. Bantu comes and tells that Sarla sent halwa for him. He then runs back to Gudiya with the box. Gudiya opens the box and eats halwa. He tells that his family is coming tomorrow. Gudiya says she will separate him from his family and thinks of an idea to know them.

Later Gudiya whistles and calls Matai. Matai asks her not to whistle tomorrow. Gudiya asks if Putli Bai is coming? Matai says yes and asks her not to do anything. Gudiya says she will complain to her about Guddu. Matai says you don’t know them. Gudiya says they might not be tiger and goes. Guddu hears them and thinks why is she taking interest in his family. Gudiya prays to God for help. Guddu comes there as hanuman. Gudiya asks him to come inside. Guddu asks him to tell the problem. She asks him to enter Pappu or Radhe. Guddu says Guddu is my bhakt and I will enter him only. He says I know you wants to know about guddu’s family. She asks did you hear me? He says no. Gudiya tells that she wants to snatch his family and asks him to tell about them. Guddu tells about Putli Bai, tells that she is good at heart, couldn’t bear even if ant gets killed. Gudiya says once ant got killed by her hand, she apologized to them and kept sugar to them. Guddu tells that Madhav is like Sadhu (dacoit). Gudiya says I am like sadhu. He tells about his Chacha and tells that he is far from all the bad things (but he is a thief). Guddu tells about Nanhi and tells that her heart is very delicate, have a small mouth and eats less like a bird. Gudiya gets happy. Guddu tells about his badi amma and his father. She asks about his mother. Guddu tells that she died after his birth. He asks her to count and he vanishes. Gudiya thinks to make his family against him. Guddu apologizes to hanuman ji for his lies and says you knew why I said this.

Radhe comes out to buy brinjal, when a neighbor asks him to go and tells that putli bai and her family are coming. Radhe vanishes from there and rushes home. He closes door and windows, tells that he couldn’t buy brinjal as market was closed, hearing putli bai is coming. Sarla and sweety panic. Pappu tells that we shall not get scared. Radhe tells that Guddu is educated and that’s why mingles with us, but his family will not let him meet us. He says we are in danger as the window opens in our lawn. Putli Bai comes and hugs her grand son. Guddu takes her blessings. Matai gets happy to see her. Putli Bai asks if everyone went for theft. Matai says Sadhu is outside. Guddu says everyone is freshening up. Putli Bai asks him to call everyone. Putli Bai tells God, only who knows what everyone does here.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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