Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan ready to face Alisha


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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says you did all that? Revati says are you actually this innocent or do you live your dream of being an actress. I did all that. You like being responsible right? So you get all the praise. That’s why you didn’t let me go to my Angad. Now pay for it. You have some responsibility for your stepdaughter. Youngest MIL, how will you be a mother now? She will make this house a hell. AJ’s daughter will punish him. Guddan says how can you do that. Revati says I am not a day that I would change in 24 hours. I am an eclipse. How will you handle her now? Revati leaves. Guddan recalls everything.

Saru says this is your room. I asked Revati to get it ready. Do you like it? Alisha destroys everything. Saru says what are you doing? She writes Alisha with

a black color on the wall. Alisha says now I like it. Perv and Revati come in. Alisha says finally you two are here. Revati you use your looks? Why did you give your Guddan that old car? Revati says we are the same type. We can be friends to take revenge from Guddan. Then we are on our ways. Alisha says I am on my way already, you are getting on my way. I don’t shake hands with anyone. I only hit with it. I am enough for Guddan alone. Revati says really you are enough for them. If you need help let me know. Perv says I am Perv. Antra’s friend. Alisha says to go now, leave me alone. Saru says in heart now you see Guddan how she ruins your life.

Durga and Laxmi come to dadi. Laxmi says Guddan has left the house. Dadi says what? What are you saying? Durga says she is nowhere. Her clothes, suitcase nothing is here. Laxmi says first Antra ruined her life and now Alisha. Dadi says she isn’t a usual girl. She handles this house very well. She would never run away from this house. We are all equally shocked. Durga says yes we will face it together. Dadi says yes. We are all with Guddan and will solve this problem. Guddan doesn’t run away from her problems. Laxmi says so where would she be?

Scene 2
Guddan comes to the temple dressed as pandit. Pandit ji says do you want to d this yatra? Guddan says I don’t know. You’re right. I am trying this Sanyasan. My problems never end. My life is always in trouble. Where did she come from? I saw so many things at this age? What is my mistake? I became MIL before becoming anything. Look at my age, should I shoulder such responsibilities. But problems keep coming my. Is it my mistake? I married the person I hit with a cake. Then his first wife came. Then my sister became my enemy. Now I have a problem with my age. She speaks fire. She hates me. Now I am her mom? She is my age. My life is ruined. What should I do now? People congratulate you when you’re pregnant. I couldn’t even live that happiness. I could never get a mother’s love. How would I be a mother?

Durga says where is Guddan? AJ why are you not going to find her? AJ says how should I go to her? I am ashamed. My past keeps brining in problems in her life. She is hurt now. Guddan comes in and says I am ready to pass any test. Guddan says I understood. If you and this family are with me, I can do everything. Dadi says where did you go? And what are you wearing? Guddan says I had to get this feeling. How it feels to leave everything. AJ says why did you come back here? Guddan says I was scared to lose my love and family. And then Alisha came, she scared me so I ran. But I came back. I have my roots here. My love is with me, my family is with me, I can handle anything. I will even be a mother. Dadi says I knew my Guddan never runs away from things. You can do this.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Alisha claims to know stuff yet she didn’t use her brains here. Let’s say aj did leave antra y did it take him 20 yrs to remarry. He never even had anyone else after she left. Of course I’m sure sarru and others must’ve told her dat aj knew of her existence but if she is as smart as she claims she’s suppose to pick sense from nonsense. Plus I’m sure there is suppose to have some kinda record where d jindals thought she was dead,a death certificate or something. I’m just frustrated with these writers always bringing ppl with really stupid reason for hatred and vengeance. My only thought is antra always had plans on coming back y else would she fill her daughter’s head with such hate? D crap has hit d fan so let’s see where dis crap flies to now

  2. i just hope it is not akshat daughter. revati pretends that there is no other man to be found than angad. I
    understand how painful it is to lose your loved one.but to have so much hatred and to curse so much can never be good.
    as we know guddan, she will do everything to get alisah on the right track

  3. And maybe antara will return in a few month but with a different face…lol.

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