Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Akshat free Gudden from their agreement

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshat free Gudden from their agreement

Gudden say I stuck because of you. Goons open door. Akshat say let me go, do whatever you want to do with her. Gudden say I know that you are not only aged but also so dumb.. Help me… Akshat say sorry I can’t hear you due to age factor..😆😆. Gudden say please save me. Akshat say not me but us, we both we fight… Akshat beat🤛🏻 goons. He uses her duppatta to clean his sweat. Gudden get terrified thinking he beated goons as he tried to misbehave with me, but now what shall I do as I ran away from mehendi..

Durga give water to dadi. Kaushalya say this gudden is biggest problem. Due to her people say we are from that family where gudden can’t do anything. Durga shut her mouth saying we can’t listen

anything against our Mother in law and AJ.

Gudden say please give me any punishment, as I know I did wrong but I can’t marry you. Akshat remember Antra wish and say we shall marry tomorrow at any cost.👍🏼

His sons say to remove decorations but Akshat stop him as marriage will happen. Gudden father ask about their well being. Dadi ask Akasht to apply mehendi. Akshat pick mehendi cone and walk toward shewta and apply mehendi at her hand. Laxmi get happy. Gudden get thinking🤔. Both look at each other. Laxmi say now shewta will get married to AJ. Akshat say gudden can’t become my wife as she can’t do anything. Kaushalya say what are you saying? Gudden father fold her hands and we will not able to show our faces to anyone. Akshat say you should realise truth as soon as possible.

Kaushalaya taunts Gudden for everything, I thinked🤔 that finally you can do anything, but whats all this happening. Durga say its not big thing. Kaushalaya say ask Akshat for reason. Dadi say go and ask for reason.

Gudden goes to him, but Akshat say I know all think I hurted you, but you always knew the truth, now go and celebrate.. (both are in deep pain😢) Akshat further add that you never think of future, you thought to run away from mehendi but didn’t thought about concequences like goons, answer to family etc. But its your life.. Now one last thing is left that to free you from this agreement and tear agreement papers…

Akshat and Gudden walk in different directions and full song tere haathon me na meri lakeeiren, hai bhut alg si apni takdeeiren, mera zamin pr chalna, tera hawa sa udna haan namukin hai tera mera milna……🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

Precap: Gudden reaches at Aksht Haldi in disguise and indirectly trouble akshat

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