Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rawat gets code of the locker

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Revati sees perv. Perv says I was missing you so much. She says I was going to meet Guddan. She wasn’t well. He shouts and says you have no time for me. Always guddan guddan.. Who am I? She wont ever let you live her life. She knew I was leaving Siddi. Your sister is playing a big game with you. She is evil she is step at the end of the day. Revati slaps him. SHe says enough. I wont hear a word against her. Perv says you slapped me for her? I know you love her but this wont change truth. She says I trust my sister. She leaves.
Kaushaliya says Guddan has made her crazy. Perv says I feel like Guddan slapped me. She will have to pay for it. I will pay for this by separating them.

Guddan comes to pool side. AJ has created a beautiful bedroom for her there. He says did you like it? What happened suddenly. You chose that you will sleep in balcony. Gudadn says in heart how do I tell him about Rawat. She says that balcony.. I don’t like it anymore. I am Guddan AJ. I don’t wanna sleep. Guddan gives him pillows and say take them. She falls in bed with AJ. He gets up. Guddan leaves the blanket in the room/

Rawat is in room. Guddan says when will you learn not to come to someone’s room without permission. He says I need my proof. Guddan says I trust him no matter what you say. She looks at Antra’s picture. There is a code written on her picture. rawat says tank you for the code. Because of you I got the clue. Antra’s killer will be behind bars. He says you are a good citizen and I know you will take AJ behind bars.

Guddan says yeah and open the locker and see if it has Antra’s message. AJ is coming upstairs. He says stop AJ if you wanna know truth. Guddan comes out and falls. AJ holds her.
She says I have sprained by ankle. AJ helps her with her sprain. Guddan tries to waste his time. AJ says what is it? What are you upto? She says nothing. I am good. H says tell me what it is. I can see the tension on your face. Guddan is silent.
Rawat opens the locket and finds a disk. He says it must have the recording. These are last words of my sister. They will be out soon.
Precap-AJ puts blanket on Guddan. Rawat tells Guddan what was in the disk.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Finally the story has began to move a bit
    Rawat track is interesting
    So next week something will be revealed
    I wonder what was in that tape
    Anyways, Akshan scenes were once again lovely 😍😍😍
    AJ uncle is khadoos but a caring hubby at the same time. Guddan has started to act mature now. I like the way she is handling Rawat actually
    I m surprised Revati ne Perv ko thappad maada well done Revati that pervet deserved it lol
    Once again a good episode with good akshan scenes 😊
    Hope they will show something interesting next week too and start to reveal a bit about antra’s murder or aj’s past(though i dont think aj’s past gonna be revealed too soon seeing the pace of this show)
    This week has been a good week for this show with amazing akshan scenes 😍

  2. Yes you’re right. I think the writer read our comment,lol

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha who knows 😂😂
      I remember on India Forums I wrote that I want a scene in that amusement park track where Guddan gets scared on a ride and hugs AJ, and AJ consoles her , and they actually had this scene in the episode 😂😂😂
      If I m not wrong there might be a Maha Episode for Guddan next week

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