Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Pushpa cancels the deal

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Choti and Agastya collide with each other. Choti falls. Agastya holds her. Aarav gets angry. Durga stops him. Agastya says are you okay? She picks things, he say relax I will handle it. Guddan says as if you did before. Pushpa says wow Choti Guddan, you could arrange the money. Shona says media is here. Pushpa says ask them to wait. Vivan says oh so this is Guddan.

Shona says to the press we are launching Birla Bhujiya. We will launch it today. The reporter says so we will be testing it today. A reporter says she’s Guddan. Owner of Jindal restaurant. He says you should taste it and tell us the masalas used in it. Shona says she was the owner, now sh isn’t. DJ says you can take her dream but not her talent. She will taste it and let you know.

Choti tastes it and says it’s so good. Reporter says what’s used in it? Choti says aalo, garlic masala, lal masala and Chinese salt. Everyone is dazed. The reporter says you said it has Chinese salt? Guddan says no there’s no such things. The reporter says are these people playing with people’s health? Choti identified that Birla sweet added Chinese salt in the bhujiya. Reporter says how can you play with people’s health? Pushpa comes there. Guddan is scared. The reporter ask Pushpa did you add Chinese salt in your product? Can you play with people’s health for your benefit?

Guddan says to Pushpa your 20 coroes. Pushpa says I am not selling it now.

Pushpa says you’re a curse. You always do this. This 20 crores is nothing in front of my launch. Guddan says please, I got this money with hard work. Only Shona and media forced me to say this. I had no intentions. Please return my restaurant. Guddan cries. Guddan says that’s my parent’s last thing, please my existance will end if you don’t return it. Shona says in heart the house must be a lot more expensive. She gave it for the restaurant. Pushpa says now you will suffer because you messed with me. Get out of this house. Guddan cries. She says please don’t do this. Please return my restaurant. Pushpa says get out. She hold Guddan’s hand and drags her out of the house. Aarv picks her and says CHoti are you okay? DJ stops Choti from begging. Guddan says let’s go. Aarav says this once Choti.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to the coach. Aarav says the deal was closed. He says so are we here to just to give money and take it back when you want? Guddan says it didn’t happen, it’s the complete amount. He says I gave you this money so I can get it back with the interest. Guddan says please don’t say that. He says interest for the day it 10 lacs. Durga says what? He says yes if you get later, it will be increased by 10 lacs. Choti cries. Aarav says we will get our house back. It will always be ours. Don’t worry, I will do something.

Precap-Guddan prays in the temple. She says please help me save my restaurant and house. A little girl comes to her and says save me please. He wants to take me with him. Guddan looks back. Agastya is there. Guddan is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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