Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat Does MahaPuja for Guddan’s Life

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode start with Akshat stopping Police?? Jeep, he get out and take Parv out.. Akshat start beating ?Parv badly, Police try to stop him, but in vain… Parv evilly smile? and shout that your Guddan will be dead… Akshat get more angry ???and take Police inspector gun ?.. Inspector try to stop Akshat, but he doesn’t listen to him.. Parv provoke Akshat to shoot? him, he will die but the person Guddan who saved every relation of her will loose her life, and laugh??… Dadi and Angad come and stop Akshat for Guddan sake don’t do this.. Parv Again provoke Akshat and ask to shoot? him, Akshat load Gun ?and is about to shoot, when he see Guddan protect Parv and nod no to Akshat..akshat get calm and put gun? down and tell Parv if anything Happened to My Guddan, than he will kill? him inside prision.. Police take gun? and parv along. .

In hospital ?Durga and Saraswati take full plate food? when Lakshmi say that they have lost it, Guddan is fighting for life and you want to have food?.. She even taunt Saraswati about parv.. Durga take her out and show that they took food? for Beggars so that their blessings save Guddan.. Durga accept that she didn’t like Guddan, but she wasn’t wrong this time and with medicines ?prayers?? and blessings are also required to save her.. Beggars bless them…

Akshat return and ask about guddan, when Guddan parent’s arrive as well.. Doctor ??‍⚕inform that they took poision out but because it was for long time inside her body, her organs specially Kidney effected.. If she doesn’t regain consciousness within 3-4 hours we can’t say anything, just pray to God??.. Everyone cry???… Akshat say she will regain consciousness…

Akshat walk inside her ward and remember each and every moment since their meet.. He start crying ?and keep his hand on her forehead and ask her to get up, he is used to her non-stop talks?.. He hold her hand?? and tell since when she stay quite ?for this long and request her to get up.. Later he add that she wanted to change color of bedroom but she can change for whole house, he will say nothing.. If she want to break things he will not get angry?… And ask to tell 3rd thing which she always forget after she say 2 things… He cry ??and ask to get up..

Dadi hold him, when he cry?? hard.. Dadi say we have to do as per God wish, we are helpless infront of God.. Akshat says than god will have to change their decision… Till now in every pain and every moment wives had always prayed?? for their husbands, even Savitri took Satyawan life back, now he will do Mahapuja?? to Save Guddan..

At Jindal house Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati prepare for Maha Puja?? with buring coal.. Akshat come and hold 51 or 101 diya lamp?? and stand on coal, with Music of God??… In hospital? Guddan take heavy breaths when doctor come.. He check her and heavy winds?? blow, which blow off every thread of lamp.. With guddan life lines getting straight… Everyone shocked?????…

Precap: Akshat ask Guddan not to Leave him, he Loves❤ her and shout I love ❤you Guddan.. Guddan leave his hand (as if she died)

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  1. Thank you Shraddha for the update, fabulous.
    Episode was very emotional. Akshat rock it in today episode. for the first time today I cried for guddan and akshat. akshat has done extremely well with acting. I’m so proud of him.I hope they will always love each other and stand up for each other no matter what comes their way

  2. DannyComments

    You better not die Guddan! You can’t die!!!!????

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