Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan doesn’t take money from Agastya

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agastya says to the banker don’t ask a lot of questions from Guddan. Just do the basic formality. I will cover the rest. He says are sure sir? Agastya says yes. I trust my intuition. The banker says we have a long trust-based relationship with you. Agastya recalls Guddan trusted him.

Guddan comes there and claps. Guddan says wow you people are mazing. First break people’s trust, take their dreams and then do this fake favor on them and take their self-respect as well. Agastya says I am sorry. I didn’t want to do all this. I had to. Guddan says did someone point gun at your head? He says on my heart. I couldn’t say no to my mom. But I care about your loss too. Please take this money and save your restaurant. Guddan says it’s my temple not just a restaurant. Guddan says it isn’t a toy that anyone can keep it. You snatched it from me. My parents never taught me to snatch things from people but get things with hard work. I will get my restaurant back on my terms and my hard work. Don’t need your favors. He says 20 crore is a huge amount. Please don’t be emotional. The day is going to be over. This is the last solution. Please think practical. No cheating this time I promise. He gives her the cheque. Choti tears it in his face. Guddan says people shouldn’t so practical that they lost all emotions. My mom always took decisions from her heart. I will arrange this money in one day and throw this cheque on your face. I will show that Guddan isn’t weak. She can do anything. She leaves. Agastya says okay fine.

DJ says we said it but how will we arrange it in a day? Guddan says my heart says Lord Krishna will help us. Aarav calls DJ and says a party is ready to give us this amount. DJ says yayy we are coming home.

Scene 2
Aarav waits for DJ and Guddan. Aarushi comes. She says where is Choti Guddan? Aarav says she’s out. Who are you? She says I am Arushi Birla, Pushpa’s daughter. Aarav looks at her angrily. She says I am only here to apologize to Guddan and help her. He says your family has done enough already. We don’t take anyone’s favors. He is about to slap her. Aarav walks towards her. DJ says Aarav. Stop. Guddan says are you okay? Please sit. DJ says what was that Aarav? You were gonna slap a girl? He says she’s Pushpa’s daughter. This is a way to revenge. Pushpa and her son did this. It isn’t her mistake. If someone does this to Choti would you be okay? Whatever happened was not her fault. He says they took everything from my Choti. DJ says our family also did wrong. But that doesn’t mean we all need to be punished. Apologize to her. Aarav says these are our manners. See how we are. Go and tell your brother that my sister will take it back from him. DJ says you should go from here. Arushi leaves.

Guddan says you’re such an angry man, He says I hate them. DJ says we don’t have time. Did you talk to anyone about money? Choti says will we get the loan? He says be happy. We will get it.

Scene 3
DJ, Aarav and Guddan meet a man. He says this is Hukum ji, he sponsors all our matches. He says I told them you’re ready to give money. He says did you bring house papers? Choti gives him. He says here’s your money. You will return me this money. I will return you the papers. Guddan says done. Guddan says papa’s house is helping me again I will work very hard and return it. Guddan says Pushpa money is arranged, I am coming to you.

Pushpa says to Shona all good news are coming. What I had been waiting for is happening. She calls everyone. Pushpa says I took revenge of my insult after 10 years and earned 10 crores. She’s coming to us.. She will give me that money. Agastya wonders how did she arrange this money. Shona says well done. Pushpa says to Agastya handle the press conference while I take the money from her. Agastya says I should leave before she comes. She will be mad seeing me.

Agastya walks out. He collides with Guddan.

Precap-Pushpa says you could arrange the money. Once my new food bhujiya line you can take your restaurant back. The reporters ask Guddan to taste it. She says it has Chinese salt. The reporter says what? Now we will stop it from even getting in the market. Pushpa drops her arti.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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