Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan saves everyone

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan sees AJ in the room. Guddan says AJ.. She says please open your eyes. Guddan cries. She recalls AJ asked her to be calm when they saw snake. Guddan says there is no time left. Guddan diverts the attention of snakes on herself. She throws sheet on a snake. guddan goes in. Guddan says AJ please open your eyes.

Perv pulls revati. He drags her. Angat breaks his rope. Revati says Angat.. Angat hits Perv. Perv puts gun on him and says don’t dare coming between me and Revati.. Angat says stop it. Perv shoots Angat.. Revati screams. Saru says what did you do.
AJ opens his eyes. Guddan hugs him and says I am sorry. I came to you in last. I had to save Dadi and Laxmi. She cries. AJ says let’s go. Guddan says let’s go. We have to save Revati.

Angat’s hand is shot. Perv says only two round are left. Someone hits Perv from the back. It’s Guddan. AJ picks ANgat. AJ says the bullet touched him. Laxmi and dadi open ropes. Guddan says 10 minutes aren’t over yet and I saved my three relations. Perv says who will save you now? Perv puts gun on her? Saru says please no bhai. AJ shous Perv.. Perv says don’t come forward or I will kill you too. AJ says don’t even try. He puts gun on AJ. AJ shoves him and gun falls down. AJ hits Angt. Laxmi opens the door. Police comes in. AJ says jail is your life now Perv. Get lost. Guddan says Kishor please call ambulance.

Guddan says AJ we saved everyone. I could do it all. She faints. AJ says Guddan.. What happened. Open your eyes. Laxmi says a snake bite on her foot. AJ says you didn’t protect yourself. Perv laughs and says your guddan will die. I thought I lost but she is gone. AJ says Guddan you can’t leave me. Guddan please open your eyes. Dadi saysc all the doctor. AJ says nothing will happen to her. AJ ties her foot and sucks the venom from her foot. AJ is fainting too. Dadi says stop.. He says nothing will happen to Guddan. He rushes her to hospital. Revati says please save didi God.

AJ says Guddan open your eyes. AJ rushes her to the emergency. the doctor says it’s too late. Her body is blue. AJ says what is late? You have to start the treamtent. AJ says I beg you do what you can I will give you as much money as you want. The doctor says this is our work. We will do what you ask.
Guddan is being treated. AJ looks at her. He recalls his moments with Guddan. how Guddan brought Antra’s photo. AJ faints too. Dadi says AJ.. Nurse says you have to come with us. AJ says I won’t move from here until Guddan is fine. Nurse says ma ji, please. AJ says no I won’t go until she is fine. Dadi says she risked her life to save you. Please take the medicine for her. AJ takes it. Dadi says Guddan risked her life to save everyone. She always did good nothing bad can happen to her. Everything will be back. AJ says yes. But for bad person bad has to happen. AJ leaves in anger. Dadi says where are you going? Durga says let me check. Dadi says no you stay here. Angat comes. Dadi hugs him. He says I am fine ma. Dadi says AJ left in anger. Angat says let me go.

Precap-AJ says I love you Guddan. You can’t leave me alone. You can’t go. Guddan’s heart beat stops.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. DannyComments

    Yassss!!! Aj is finally inlove!!! Whoopi!!!????

  2. yes! i am so happy. like finally. but i heard antara is coming back – then what is gonna happen?

  3. Yes very nice episode but with the arrival of antra I am completely disappointed. akshat and guddan have not even enjoyed their married life and have not had a honeymoon, then another woman comes into their life.when is this thing going to end with becoming a different woman or man in a married life. why can’t they ever have a healthy married life.that is why I am not really looking forward to that show because I know what is going to happen. I’m very disappointed

  4. If they bring Anthra back means the serial will lose its CHARM ?and it will be like other boring serials not like entertainment??‍♂️

  5. How can a dead person come back???

  6. Enoughshanti

    I think it will be a duplicate antara, and guddan will expose her amd while doing so, guddan will realise that she is also in love with aj. Hope so.

    1. Ya same here i too think this will happen after seeing aj with some other lady ofc guddan will realise her love for him…. antara role would be potrayed by daljeet kaur, and its gud only that antara is entering in this serial coz it will bring akshan more closer as now they cant stay widout each other, maybe she would duplicate antara as she is dead i guess this will be the plan of perv?

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