Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: AJ to save Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ looks the files in tension. Everyone asks him what is wrong. He tells dadi that datta has kidnapped Guddan. He wants all my files. He will kill her if I tell police. He wants everything. Dadi is worried. She says guddan.. Laxmi gives her water. Perv says to AJ is everything okay? He says I am looking for datta. AJ says I will see you later.
AJ is on his way. He says she is so stupid. They called and she went without investigating.

Guddan sees Datta. she says you are so useless. Datta you do disgusting things. He says your husband is coming with restaurant papers. After that I will kill you both together. Guddan says he will come and teach you a lesson. Datta grasps her face. They put a tape on his face. Gudan says I hope AJ doesn’t cme here. Datta

will harm him too.
Data prays for Guddan. Durga swipes her tears and says nothing will happen to Guddan. Don’t worry. Dadi says I know you dont’ like her. Durga says yes I don’t but I can’t be imhumane. I know she is in trouble. She is our family member. Please go and rest and leave it all one . Dadi leaves.

Saru and laxmi laugh. Saru says you acted so well. Durga says you think I am that disgusting? I dont’ want anyone kidnapped by datta. I am a human. Laxmi says you can never understand her.

Scene 2
Aj comes to that place. He looks for Guddan. Datta puts gun on Gudan’s chest. Saru says to kathro eat some food and give me that key back. Kathor sits on top of the door. Saru tries to take keys from it.
Datta says welcome. Why are you so worried? Are you in love? AJ says I have what you wanted. Guddan tries to say no. AJ says leave Guddan. Datta says so you can give up that easily? Things love can do. AJ says don’t dare touching Guddan. Datta says then do what I ask. AJ says I have the papers you wanted. Take them and leave Guddan. Datta says you have to bow down to me and rub your noes. Guddan says no. Datta says I will take revenge for my insult in the party. He takes off Guddan’s tape. Guddan says don’t do all this. I will slap you. You can’t do anything. She says AJ you dont’ have to do this. Datta puts gun on Guddan. AJ says I am doing it. He bows down. Guddan says no AJ. Datta says now you are at the right place. In my feet. Rub your noes now. Guddan says now. AJ bows down and is about to rub his noes. Guddan is in tears.
No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Precap: AJ fight with goons, one of goon Akashat from behind on his head….

    I am totally confused with DILs reaction, they are not happy nor sad… Akashat was so much worried for Gudden, he was feeling helpless as well as angery…. I think Akashat and Gudden ki love story jald hi start hone wali hai, atleast from Akashat side (though he will be 100% confused with his feelings and will feel gulity for falling in love again )

    1. Ooshi

      Thanks and nice

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