Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan on rescue mission

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parv shows that how he has captured Dadi, Lakshmi and Akshat and tell Guddan that she has 10 minutes? by watch, she can either save them or stop his and Revti marriage and laugh like devil.. Time start running.??.

Guddan runs and goes infront of Dadi room and try to open it, she struggle with Lock? but it doesn’t open.. She feel helpless and start crying.. Parv take Revti towards Mandap and ask her to get married, she struggle and deny, others shout to leave all this.. Guddan cry?? and think ?everyone words that Guddan you can’t do anything (Guddan Tumse na Ho paayega) and sit down where keys ??fall.. Suddenly she remembers Akshat and Dadi words that she can do anything (Guddan se sab ho paayega)… She see key? and start opening lock?.. Durga see on tv ?that Guddan has reached Dadi, she signal ?Angad and Saraswati.. All 3 divert Parv saying let them go, leave us.. Angad signal? Revti, she see Guddan saving Dadi and she open her hand and Hold fire.. She shout at Parv covering tv view.. Guddan goes inside and start coughing?, she tie her Drape? and free dadi, she cut her drape and tie on her face ?as well and take dadi out.. Angad shout to leave Revti, when Parv take out gun? and ask Revti to marry him, otherwise he can kill? her love❤, Angad.. Revti agrees.. He ask Pandit to do fast..

Guddan reach near Lakshmi, where water? has almost filled till her neck.. Guddan ask lakshmi to trust her friend.. She try to break box but in vain, she take axe⛏ and start cutting water pipe which she get successful by 5 min? left.. She take stair help, and jump inside box freeing Lakshmi hands and they both hug.. Siddhi shout to leave Revti and others.. Saraswati says how can he hurt his sister?? Parv say that like other she will too not support his and Revti marriage, so bear the pain.. Agand ask Durga and Saraswati to pass safety pin from saree, which they start doing..

Parv forcefully make revti to make him wear Garland and when he try to make her wear, she throws.. Parv aim gun? at her and see Guddan has saved Dadi and Lakshmi.. Guddan reach at Akshat room, where snakes ???has come out and one has started to walk at him viva leg.. Guddan break door and shout seeing all this.. Parv ask Revti to take Marriage vows within next 15 seconds? otherwise and angad try to free himself..

Precap: Guddan tapp on door to divert Snakes ??and hide them under blanket.. She shout at Parv that she saved all her 3 relations before time?.. Akshat beat Parv and Police take him away, while Guddan fell down all cry ??loudly

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