Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan smashes cake on AJ’s face

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aj says my wife to be will be like a robot and her remove will be with me. I will make her boring like me. I will treat her like a servant and show piece outside. I would ask her for her age. If I marry in this age I would need time to live it too. She will have a place in my home but not my heart or room. I will make her strong to protect herself from world and me. And I wont take the seventh promise. Because living and dying together is rubbish. My first wife left me too early too. Whoever wants to live their remaining life with me come forward.
Being with me is like walking on pieces of glass. So come forward after thinking twice.

AJ misbehaves with Kaushaliya. Guddan smashes the cake on his face and leaves.
Kaushaliya brings Guddan in and slaps her.

SHe says if you can’t handle your feet then at least learn to control your tongue. Come to that room. Guddan says mummy pease don’t take me to that room. Guddan says mummy please don’t turn the ligths on. She says you have to face the truth. Kausaliya turns the lights on. It has pictures of Guddan’s mother everywhere. She says open your eyes and see.
Kaushaliya says to her mother’s picture I always spoiled your daughter. You know how talented my daughter is. SHe made such a good cake. And Guddan ruined it. Kaushaliya says see these notes. All mistakes that you did. If you were my daughter you wont have been this dumb. See all these notes where you wrote sorry. Enough Guddan. She says write your mistake and apologize your mother. Guddan writes.

Scene 2
Saraswati says all this drama had to happen on this birthday. Lakshmi says we were thinking to find a wife for Aj but that cake seller ruined everything. Saraswati says but we were ignored because of that. The eldest daughter in law says it wont be easy to find a life partner for him and a mother in law for us.
AJ comes and cooks. They all say sorry AJ. AJ says when I celebrated my birthday with Antra cake wasn’t delivered. She made halwa for me. It was her favorite. She really loved me. that’s why we always make halwa on my birthday but that didn’t happen today. You three forgot your old mother in law in search of the new. Saru says we made a mistake. Don’t worry we will cook. He says it was a mistake and sorry can fix mistakes. But what you are thinking for me is a sin. and sin isn’t rectified by a sorry. Antara just left my world not the heart. You three care so much about your will and happiness. You three can leave me alone.

Kaushaliya says paste it on the wall. Guddan places it on the wall.
Kaushaliya says you have made so many mistakes. They are all stuck on my head. Your biggest mistake.. Your mother’s death. She died because of you. How will you get pardon for that? If you wanted you could save your mother but you didn’t. People are right. Guddan you can’t. So I make you write this every day. She leaves.

Guddan looks at her mother’s picture and says I am sorry. I am tired of saying sorry mummy. She says I heard humans make mistakes.
She says tell me how to learn from my mistakes. She says I can’t take this anymore ma.
Raiti comes in. She says you can do anything. You made a mistake like everyone does. You will come in the house when you shout and say you can do everything.
Precap-AJ and Guddan meet again. Guddan saves lives of all three daughter in laws.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. That Kaushhalya is an evil b**ch!!
    That old hag! She is the one behind Guddan’s low confidence! She is the one who’s belittling Guddan the whole time but acts as if she is a great mom!
    I wish to see AJ kick her out of his future wife’s life!

  2. Guddanupyours

    Is this a comedy show?

  3. DannyComments

    AJ sure looks good for an Indian middle aged man on Tv serials..what is he? 30? 35? Still trying to understand how he is the father in law of all these grown women..can’t wait to see their husband..if they have any! Well..I like the show and thank you ATIBA for the update

  4. he he
    whom guddan called uncle looks younger than her

  5. I wanna puke on Guddan

  6. It is an ok serial but like Danny ,I am also intrigued about Aj and his daughters in law….the father in law of these young women can not be a guy who looks not more than 35 …And his sons are no where visible….Even for a comedy , there shouldn’t be so many loose ends ,with regard to characters.Yes, we would not have liked to see a young girl becoming the wife of a man in his 60 s and romancing him….but Guddan getting married to a guy who is the father in law of three young women sounds illogical….Hope the writers will come up with a credible explanation for this strange characterisation …

  7. aj and guddan look so cute together by d way aj is smart

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