Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd September 2019 Written Episode Update: Antra arrested

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 3rd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says you will be punished by the law. Dadi says if I could I would kill you. We trusted you adn you did this to us? AJ says it was our mistake that we trusted her over Guddan. SHe fooled us and we let her. We couldn’t see Guddan’s reality. We were all blind because of her lies. We did wrong to Guddan. But now is the time to fix things. Guddan says you did that anyone would do. Trust people. Laxmi says you won’t be able to leave this house without dirt. Durga says we will blacken your face. Guddan says no we can’t do the same. Antra says saru and durga helped me once. saru says sorry I did a mistake. AJ says book her ticket angat. She won’t live in this house anymore. She will live in America with her husband and antra in jail.

AJ says your face disgusts me. Antra says enough.. Enough of this drama. I am the only antra. I did drama but I am done now. Antra blackens her hands and stamps them on the the wall. She says I am the darkness. I will ruin your happiness. My black words would never let this house be happy. You are all equally selfish like me. I said somethin about Guddan and you left her? Is this your relationship? And Laxmi and durga always choose the side that is of her benefit. At least I accept who I am. I will come back and ruin your life. Antra says Guddan this war between me and you will never be over. Gudadn says you have to go away from my family. She asks inspector to arrest her. antra says I will come back and ruin your life. Police takes Antra.

AJ says Guddan you could do it all. I am proud of you. Guddan leaves.
Durga says pack your bags and leave. AJ could help you too. at least don’t do the same to your husband. He might you kick you from there as well. Saru says don’t forget antra. She will come back to your lives. She is the demon herself. Laxmi says what if se is right.

Guddan cries in her room. AJ says I know why are you crying Guddan. I know I have hurt you. I never trusted you.
You suffered so much to expose her real face. AJ recalls when Guddan confessed. He says I didn’t trust you. He recalls Antra saw that AJ is real. she was about to shoot AJ. Guddan stopped her. Gyddan said you would shoot the idol? Antra said I am talking about honda. Aj ran. Guddan said there is no honda here. Antra said go from here. AJ says I don’t know how to thank you who always saved me. Guddan says these tears aren’t even mine. AJ says I am sorry about my mistakes. Guddan says how would you fix all this? You brought all these tears. aJ says you saved this family. You avenged Rawat’s death. You gave us our happiness. Gudan says are you happy? He says I want to tell everyone that I am your husband. I love you. Guddan cries on the other side of the door.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Precap: Guddan leave Jindal house.. Antra run away from Police custody..
    2. Yaaaaa 1 yr passed since start of Show today… Congrats to whole team…?????
    3. Today Antra words were right and I agree to her that every member in Jindal house expect Guddan acted and shift themselves where they see benefit.. There is hindi provrab fit on them: Thali ka baigan (थाली का बैंगन)?????

    1. Every one except guddan and Laxmi..Laxmi never trusted antra.

  2. So why was this show and others taken off the air without any notice I lives in Florida I was a weekly viewer

    1. Hi Mala, this show is still on….in a week or so the show will take a 2 year leap.
      Lots happening before leap.
      The cast remains the same….
      I Will not say more than that…so that I do not spoil the surprises and twist and turns

    2. ShivangiShivanya

      @Nur! Ur finally back! I’m very proud of our Guddan, AJ needs to pay big time ? ? ?… time for Shraddha style

      1. i get Guddan cliff drama and all but why is AJ bhuda marrying woman who took all his property and is murdered of her brother Rawat, Durga and Honda ?..?…?

      2. Now that Antara is escaped from those so-called police she will now be unstoppable, this whole Antara track really messes things up, like guddan didn’t bear enough pain
      3. I’ve lost hopes in Akshan now, after long time i’m even commenting as before I stopped watching regularly and once in a blue moon waste time reading these updates, if they don’t remove Antra then GTNH will never get it’s original fans back:( like me… instead people like Shraddha who keep supporting AJ… very disappointing AJ uncle will now hate poor guddu for his own mistakes

    3. They were taken off in America without notice so irritated.

  3. Yes, I was also celebrating their 1 year .. In short .. I read that Aj pulls on guddan and she falls from ‘to cliff .. It is mentioned that Aj pulls when he is very angry and changes his behavior .. That’s what explains the jump of the 1 year olds but also that Antra comes in married and it is said that she and Aj lead a happy life and one even a child .. I do not understand anything .. On that this cliff track and hurts Guddan is true .. But the rest I do not know .. I do not understand CV that still keeps this Antra in my series .. They ruined the track .. In short

  4. the producers of kundli baghia should take lessons from Gudan producers antra get caught in 3 wks Prithvi and shrylin still creating havoc can’t get caught congrats Gudan stars writers and producers cheers job well done

    1. RaajaKumaar

      Oh shut up! Antra has been for more than 10 weeks! Bad Memory Huh?

    2. 10 weeks only!! Feels like 10 years….now the b*t*h is there post leap as well, married to Akshat!?#

    3. And what about Prithvi and Sherlyn… aren’t they villains for more than 10 weeks….

  5. common you producers of Guddan and Manmohini …the is frustration to the highest, speak to your avid ZTV Viewers and let us know what the heck is going on, just like all of the other serials which going down hill and cannot come to an end like kum kum bhagya and kundali bhagya, you made a COMPLETE MESS of these two serials just going around in circles and one storyline over and over again …. imagine just like that you took of those two serials of the air … Guddan and Manmohini ….. and why on earth you allow Sias husband to sleep with that WITCH MOHINI that ugly old woman just so she would leave them alone and she still broke her promise because she damn well knew what she was about with the blood moon thats when she conceived with the Spawn she left behind to reap havoc in Sia and her husband lives… my gosh I must say Ram has Guts because if i was Ram I would not even ram a stick into that old woman Mohini not even for 20 million dollars fus she ugly and imagine Ram did it with not even so much as to put a Paper Bag over her head lol and he had the gall to bring forth a child with her ,,,.. he had to have imagine it was Sia he was with because I tell you it would have been difficult to have an erection for that old ugly woman ….mohini in her true form ….. from the instant Sia vomitted afterwards I knew it had to be a spawn storyline they coming with … how transparent can they be come on you producers do better than that …. disappointment to the Max.

  6. Hi Shivangi, yes I’m back….

    I like Shraddha style: as per spoilers / precap
    1, Antara escape from police, kidnap Angad & Guddan , I think she forces Akshat to marry her
    2. Antara forces Guddan to choose between saving Angad or Stopping Marriage.
    3. Per spoiler, Guddan chooses to stop marriage and Angad is killed. (I don’t think this is entirely true)
    4. Akshat blames Guddan and not Antara for Angad’s death and shoots her…..and her body is not found as she falls into the sea/river
    5. Then leap happens and Guddan & Akshat hate each other!!
    5. Please tell me why Akshat cannot / does not take responsibility for all these happenings? It is his precious Antara that has committed all these murders and crimes

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