Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan’s munh dikhaye

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Laxmi says thats our mother in law. They all laugh at her. The girl says so this is how a MIL’s munh dikhai is. she is unique. Laxmi says she made kheer but then showered with it. Dadi says Laxmi stay in your limits. Guddan goes to kitchen and brings kheer. Laxmi says what is this? I do mistakes. Now Laxmi bahu will shower me with milk. Dadi says you wanted to see something different. Now all three of you will clean her with milk. They shower and clean her with milk. The women give her gifts.

Laxmi says it is takin so long to clean the kitchen. Saru says I am so tired. AJ comes and says what did you do to the kitchen. Durga says your wife is responsible for this. Now you saw how I can’t accept that girl full of mistakes. She doesn’t deserve to be here. She leaves.

Guddan showers and comes out. She throws towel on bed. It falls on AJ. she says where di you come from? He says towel will dried not thrown on bed. How can you be so careless. You ruined my kitchen. Guddan laughs. He says why are you laughing? She says will you bburn the kitchen? He says i love my kitchen. HE says don’t test my patience. I clean everything after working. she says i cooked even when I didn’t know.. He says I don’t know anything. Clean your mess. Servant says madam your papa came. guddan says I have to show him I am very happy here.

Revati recalls what Perv said. Kaushaliya says where are you lost? Don’t fool me. Why did Perrv come here? There is some reason. You have been lost ever since.
Bhushan asks Guddan how are you? She says I am so happy. The daughter in laws serve me. I am very happy. See all these things they cook. Bhushan says i am your dad. You can’t hide things from me. Come with me.
Kaushaliya says since when did you know him? Those cards were yours. i know there was nothing between AJ and Guddan. revati says those were mine. Guddan lied to save me from your anger.
Guddan says to Bhushan I don’t want to go from here. I am happy. Bhushan says if you have decided then I wont force you. but always know that you can come back anytime you want. Take care. He leaves. Dadi comes. She says if they don’t accept you.. Guddan hugs her crying. She says I lied to my papa for the first time. Dadi says I know they don’t value you. But they will. My prayers are always with you.
Guddan says papa your Guddan will solve everything.

Scene 2
The daughter in laws dress Guddan up. They spray perfume. Gudan says I am allergic. Durga says she has to wear this chunri too. Guddan says what is happening? Durga says it is your wedding night.
Precap-Guddan comes to the decorated room. AJ comes and says what is all this? Your limit is only till that balcony.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. Milk bath was mindblowing….?????

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