Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Durga asks Guddan to leave

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Durga says I gave her papa joker costume. AJ says how dare you do all this? Druga says be mad at me. I have stooped low in my own eyes. I dont know how I stooped so low. But one thing is for sure. You and Guddan are behind all this. dadi says if you did all this how can you blame them? She says I can because that’s truth. They made me do this. I am sick of seeing her as my MIL. You and AJ can’t see her reality. This house has become a circus. I am sorry for the mistake I did. But what about her mistakes? You always unsee her mistakes. In this circus, this joker can live. See what you made me.

Bell rings. Durga says let me open. I called in someone. A guy gives her a bag. She says this bag has the solution to our biggest problem. this bag has what she always wanted. This bag has what she married AJ for. We all know why is she your wife. We didn’t give her the money she asked for. So let’s do this. she opens the bag. It is full of money. Everyone is dazed. Durga says enough now. Take this money and get out of our lives. DAdi says durga re you in senses? She is your MIL. Durga says what MIL? Ask your Guddan, why she married AJ? She married him for money. Her husband says enough durga what are you doing. Durga says to AJ is she actually your wife? You two have nothing in common. This marriage is a problem only that you were tolerating because she asked for a lot of money. Dadi says enough Durga. Durga says how can she be my MIL when AJ doesn’t consuider her wife?

Dadi says Laxmi pick this bag and end all this. Laxmi picks the bag but durga stops her. She says no this has to end today. We have to talk about Guddan too. Do you accept AJ as your husband? Repeat and tell everyone why you married AJ? Because you thought AJ was your sister’s kidnapper and you had to save her. When you don’t consider each other spouse then why are you our MIL? Why are you all silent. Here is the money you asked for. take it and leave all of us. Guddan is in tears. Guddan walks out in tears.

Scene 2
Bhushan calls in a family to see revati. Perv is there too. Perv asks Kaushaluya who are these people? Kaushaliya says this is Parshant. He is here to meet Revati for her proposal. Perv is angry. He says in heart I will kill them if Rvat isn’t mind.

Guddan comes to her room crying. She packs her bag. AJ comes. Guddan says it’s okay. I wont d more drama. AJ says I know you are hurt. Durga shouldn’t have said it that wy. She says I forgot, I am glad she reminded me. She said truth. It was bitter but truth. There’s nothing between us. She was right. Kathor comes. Guddan says kathor let me give you food before i go. She runs after Kathor.
AJ says it wont eat until we make him eat together. AJ picks kathro and Guddan makes him eat. she says truth changes habits too. I wont be here, so kathor has to learn to eat with you only.
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