Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Antra Dies

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshat is shown shouting Guddan.. Guddan.. On the other hand Guddan pray🙏🏼 to Durga Maa to save her, she can’t die soon… Parv throw lighted arrow but heavy wind💨 blows and it doesn’t hit ravan.. Antra say Parv is good for nothing.. Revti give him another arrow and see Antra..
Revti goes near to Antra and take her aside.. Revti ask about her planning, Antra tell her that she planned Guddan death.. She address Revti as Beauty with Brain🧠 and improvise for herself as Beast 👿with Brain🧠.. She tell Revti that she has hidden Antra with Ravan and both Sita and Ravan will die.. Revti smiles😊..

Akshat agaim shown shouting Guddan, he pray🙏🏼 to Durga Maa atleast save Guddan, though she might not listen him.. Parv again try but this time

Bow thread breaks.. People laugh 😆😆on him and say he should go to Gym… While Guddan try to free herself, Wind blows 💨and take her drape to Akshat.. Akshat recoginze drape and goes near Ravan.. He get shocked 😨Guddan tied their.. He call 📱Laxmi and ask her to stop, arrow hit.. Laxmi infrom same to dadi and durga.. Durga goes to stage and stop.. People taunt her for stopping religious work, but she see that Guddan has been save by Akshat.. She says that Ram has brought Sita from Ravan clutches..

Guddan thanks Akshat but he says that he would have done for any person… Dadi thanks🙏🏼 Durga maa for saving her Guddan again.. Guddan inform police👮🏻 that Antra kidnapped her, Police👮🏻 assure to see Ravan dehan, they shall search Antra.. Akshat says it was you last mistake Antra, I shall kill🔪 you for what ever you did with my Guddan..

Revti hug Guddan.. Parv again try to hit ravan, but Revti intrupts by saying that why should Ram always hit ravan, after he was culprit of Sita.. Crowd support her.. Guddan hold Bow and arrow, though she has strange feeling related to Antra being in trouble but Dadi calm her down..

Revti says to herself Sita/Guddan will be Killing Ravan/Antra.. Flashback shows how she hugged Antra for taking step of killing🔪 Guddan.. While Antra says she was afraid that revti might burst out in anger😡😠, but now she is relexed.. Revti says yes she is, and hit her with rod and tie her with ravan..
Out of flashback Revti says even after promising to save my Ram/My Angad Guddan didn’t saved him, now how can I let her live with her Ram.. She think🤔 that soon Guddan will become murder of Antra..

Guddan aim and throw arrow, fire burst all over places, just than Antra get concious and shout for help.. Her ropes burn and she come out shouting to save her.. Everyone get shocked 😨😨to see this.. Antra shout for Help, Guddan run to help Antra, while Akshat has smile😊 and say let her bear result of her deeds.. Someone hit Durga stmoch, she feel pain, when kishore take her to doctor.. Parv get shocked😨, revti smiles😊 evilly and Guddan ask everyone to help Antra, police 👮🏻call for security and help.. Guddan try to help, but stopped by akshat. Antra shout saying Though I may die but story of my evilness👿 will continue with you in future as well.. And fall from cliff.. Guddan cry😢😢😢 that she has killed🔪 Antra.. Akshat say she didn’t.. Dadi says its very bad that Antra is dying, but you never got changed even we gave you so many chances..

Precap: Akshat get arrested for shooting Guddan.. Guddan decide to find real culprit in 24 hours

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  1. It is so disappointing that the CVs create a monster with the role of Revati .. CV it broke the family link between two sister .. Frankly it would have been interesting to show to Revati that it is deceived by Antra .. In short .. Disappointed .. We only see the badly won. For me good did not triumph. Because the snake and the most dangerous is near guddan and it is his own blood and flesh that it causes him of the wrong ..

  2. I dunno what the rass is happening here the last episode I saw was yesterday 26th September where Antara stabbed Honda. How it jump so far?? Are we here in Guyana way behind??? Stew.

    1. Its the same here in Trinidad. ZeeTv Caribbean is about two weeks behind on its serials.

  3. Leisa s morris

    Im just glad antra is gone FOR NOW!!!!! Yes for now cause with these writers anyone can resurrect at any given time,even when u see Dem die dey return. The writers have made revati into one selfish being. She of all ppl should know dat if guddan said she had freed angad then it must be so cause guddan doesn’t lie. She should also know how much guddan loves her and how it was guddan who helped angad get better for her to even find her love yet she trusted antra instead of d one who sacrificed herself when she married aj for her. All d other times writers has made her use her brains and see d errors of her ways even when parv left her to drown yet dis time dey just let her forget everything to go down with dis unrealistic vendetta crap. I just hope nothing happens to durgas baby she deserves some happiness in her life for d changes she has made. Now u have revati being a child murderer in her thirst for revenge smh. How pathetic these writers have become with their uncreativity

    1. BabaJi

      Leisa, don’t be too happy! Durga’s sudden change is only temporary. As long as her good for nothing hubby Kishore is giving her attention and s*xual pleasures ( which is the result of this new baby) this wretch Durga is out of Guddan’s way… But if for some reason her child dies and Guddan is blamed, then she will turn back to her old ways. But at least this dirty thing Antara is cleared. For now at least. 😂😂😂But not Antara, but Guddan’s own sister Revati is now the new mastermind… BTW The actor Ronit Roy playing Parv is such a handsome guy, at least his body is.. Yet is again used for the evil… I just wish Parv and Revati mend their ways and fall for each other. Their chemistry is really hot n promising..It’s also too unbearable seeing Chutki against her di… She should realize her mistake and apologize to Guddan. The one most thing I liked seeing this show was for the bond that Guddan and Revati shared… It made me realize Sisterhood was an actual thing. But now it’s spoiled. Guddan could have even won Zee rishtey awards for best sister. But whatever little good the directors do they destroy.. I apologize to AJ fans but he has become such a weak n useless character.. He got scared of a small girl.. Although I hate this Akshat in Guddan’s love life, I trusted that Revati didn’t have much control over him. And I never could imagine Revati misbehaving with AJ as she always showed respect n gratitude towards him. But Akshat is such a fool… He first consummated with Guddan then shot her.. Yuck.. This serial has soo unhealthy relationships.. I won’t be surprised if this ‘kumkum bhagya’ dead Dadi ( aj mom) appears evil anytime sooner. Pathetic sicken directors N writers.

      @ShraddhaSharma! I’ve recently noticed ur comments on Naagin 3 grand finale last ep. I have a few questions about it??? first Pls pls could you tell me the episode number where Rithik and Shivanya consummated their marriage in S1… Also, could you write a brief post of Naagin S1 story if you get time.. If u can, that will be highly highly highly appreciated.. 😍 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 … ASAP. Isn’t Naagin S4 coming in October?

  4. Antara dies!!!!
    Let’s hope she stays dead and does not come back after plastic surgery looking like Guddan!😬😬😬😬
    Akshat keeping the truth from Guddan is not helping Guddan but hurting her….he is still such an idiot!!!
    Parv and Akshat…..really what happened to these two? Are they men or mice!!
    And Revati……your sister Guddan has always looked out for you, saved you from harm and this is how you repay her….she is as irritating as Antara..

    Why do i even bother????😬😈😶

  5. Well i am just reading the updates see what i missed in 2 months😂 same old boring drama . Revti looks so innocent now she wants to kill for a guy she knows for a few months🙄 thats not even worth it if you ask me. I guess Parv stilll lives in the house and Revti moved in ? I dunno guessing here i am being predictable here just a this soap . Need to bring in some fresh characters . Tired of the same faces .🤨

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