Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan and AJ in front of each other

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ burns the newspaper and says drink like me. You won’t care about anything. He leaves. Saru says Antra would have been so happy to see this. We would be so happy. We will sell everything. Guddan made it so easy for us.
Guddan says I came here to meet you and for my work. Kaushaliya says they don’t deserve our daughter. They didn’t stand by her side. We know how she survived these four years. She won’t go there if she doesn’t want to. Guddan hugs her.

AJ is drunk. Dadi shoves water on him. He says what is this ma? She says thank God at least you know how to talk to your mom. AJ says it’s all rubbish. Dadi says what did you say outside? You don’t care whatever happens to the restaurant or this house? I can’t see you ruin your life like this. I won’t sit silently now. It’s about our restaurant. That you built through years. You can’t let it destroy. You have to save it. Read the paper. There’s a super chef competition. You have to participate there you’re the best chef in this city. And you still had the magic that you had before Guddan left. AJ says can you stop taking her name? Can’t you forget her? Dadi says could you forget her? AJ says I will show that she doesn’t care about me. Her success will hurt her. So I will win this and show her she means nothing to me. I have to prepare for this competition. He wipes her tears. Dadi says no matter how much you hate her, she can never do any harm to that family.

Guddan says that family isn’t mine anymore. You’re all my family. I have a tight schedule. Tell them, manager. Bhushan says wow Revati is the manager now. Guddan says ma, I want to eat home food. Revati only gives me diet food. Kaushliya says I have made everything of your choice. The producer calls Revati and says he has to go to a cooking competition. You have to be the judge there and give a small speech. Guddan says okay I will go.

Scene 2
Laxmi says to Aarav please let me see the news. Aarav says I want to see the cartoons. Laxmi says a movie is releasing tumse naa hopayega. Aarav says that’s a stupid name. Laxmi says no, it means a lot to me. The host says welcome, Guddan. The Tv turns off. Saru has unplugged it. Saru takes the remote. Aarav says I want to watch cartoons. Saru says I pay all the bills. Go and study. Aarav leaves. Laxmi says so we can’t watch TV either? Won’t you even let us breathe? Saru says you need Antra’s permission. Laxmi says I am not scared of you. Laxmi says give me the remote. Saru shoves it. Saru says so I should cut off Aarav’s milk and pay the bill of this TV. Durga says what is happening here? Saru says ask her not to mess with me or I will make her life difficult. Laxmi says what is happening in this house. We have to do something. We can’t live like this. Druga says Guddan left us. And we all have to suffer. She has moved on in her life. Laxmi says she didn’t want to leave. AJ forced her. Durga says but she never tried coming back. I am just hurt. We have to spend this life this way. We have to go with AJ to the super chef competition.

Scene 3
AJ and his family come to the super chef competition. The host says it’s a skill for some and a passion for others. We will see who makes the best food tonight. The winner will get 50 lacs. Let me announce the judge before the competitors. She is the one who gave a super hit film as her first and she is from this city only. AJ says why are they boring me. He goes outside to drink. Guddan’s scarf falls from his pocket. Guddan and Revati are on their way. Guddan’s scarf falls on her car. She sees it. The reporters surround Guddan. She can’t see AJ. Revati says let us go inside. Guddan goes inside. Dadi comes outside and says you’re drinking here as well? You know how important is it for you to win. Stop hurting me like this. Do you like to make me cry? He says please don’t throw it. I will win but I need to drink this to focus. Dadi goes inside.

Laxmi says where is AJ? AJ comes inside drunk. the host says our judge is at the venue. She would be here in a while. She is coming. Dadi says God, please make AJ win today. I want my son back how he was. The host says let’s welcome one and only, Indore’s name, the entire country’s heartbeat. Guddan. Everyone is shocked to see her. AJ is dazed. He recalls hi moments with Guddan. Guddan has a cake too, to bring on the stage. She recalls when she went to AJ’s house for the first time with the cake. Dadi smiles. AJ and Guddan are shocked to see each other. Guddan smashes the cake on AJ’s face like she did for the first time. Everyone is dazed. AJ was dreaming of this. Guddan smashed it on another person’s face no AJ. The host says this is the most famous scene of her movie so she recreated it here. Let’s start the competition. Laxmi looks at Guddan in tears. Durga looks the other way. Dadi smiles. Guddan drops her run and touches her feet while picking it up. AJ is angry. Dadi gives her blessings. The host says Guddan please take he judge seat. Revati takes her to the seat.

Guddan sits in front of AJ. Revati says in heart that fate will unite them. They can’t live without each other. AJ takes his apron and the host says our contestants are ready. Guddan and AJ recall their moments. AJ cooks fast in anger. The host says only 5 minutes are left. Only last-minute is left. AJ shoves the pan on the floor. Everyone is shocked. AJ throws the apron and leaves in anger. Dadi and Laxmi go after him.

AJ drinks in anger. Dadi says why did you do this? AJ says couldn’t you see what happened? Dadi says God gave you one chance. AJ says that isn’t God for me, it’s just an idol. I don’t care about my defamation. I can’t be under the same roof as her. AJ leaves. Laxmi says how would they ever come close? Dadi says God brought Guddan here. Durga says AJ doesn’t want to listen to anything. It’s a failed hope. Dadi says I want to see my AJ and Guddan together.

Guddan comes to the restroom and washes her face. Durga comes there and says that’s the right way to hide your pain. Wash your face. No one will know if there were tears. Take this napkin and wipe the pain you gave us all by leaving us all and never looking back. Now when you saw us you’re in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Unncessary dragging…
    And I wish Guddan never ever forgive Akshat
    Precap: Guddan call Akshat as Mr. Jindal

  2. Hai Shraddha how are you. we haven’t heard from you for a long time. thanks for the precap. because no precap is written

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hi Geeta…
      How are you???
      Yes I was too busy and even i wasn’t liking to comment (if getting time) on any show due to boring and dragging concept…

  3. Hi Ladies, hopefully, this track doesn’t get dragged out for too long….one can endure insults up to a point only….Akshat needs to suffer more for being an arsehole. Not once did he think that Guddan innocent….not once….and know the sl*t of all sl*ts is also returning😠😠😠😠

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