Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Perv brings a snake

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says to AJ thank you. Laxmi says she won at the end to the day like always. Saru says sasu ma thinks looks very good on you. AJ says should I go? Dadi says no this is festival. Let’s enjoy and play pass the pillow. guddan says it would be fun. Bhushan says AJ stay. This are the little moments we enjoy with family. Guddan says I will get everything ready. this would be fun. Guddan asks saru to help her. Saru tries to steal her bangles. She says these are heavy. You can’t work with them. Take them off and then wear later.
saru collides with Saru. they both fall down. Saru steals the bangles. Guddan says where did my bangles go? I kept them here. Dadi says they must be here dont’ worry.

Saru looks at the bangles and says I have them finally. They will go where all the stolen stuff is. She puts them under mattress. Guddan comes there. SAru says yes? She is hiding the bangles. Gudan says lets go. Saru says I used to be a yoga champ. She tries to talk to guddan so she forgets. Guddan says where are my bangles. They are lost. Saru puts them in pillow case. guddan says please come and help me find them. Guddan picks the pillow and says lets play pass the pillow with this. Let’s go. Guddan takes it downstairs.

Scene 2
The game starts. Perv says to Guddan you fixed everything so fast. Wow you do magic. AJ comes there. He looks at Perv angrily. He says you wont play because of Siddi’s condition right. don’t play just arrange breakfast for everyone. Servants are tired, so you will make the breakfast. Guddan giggles. She says yes what an idea. Our DILs will sit and you will make tea and breakfast for everyone. AJ says yes be quick. Perv leaves in anger. Guddan says let’s start the game.

Guddan comes to Perv and says make tea. This is what you deserve. You are a snake who should be kept away from everyone. Be quick with it. She leaves. Perv is angry. He says I am snake right? I have venom. Wait for my venom to poison your life.
Guddan says I will tell the rules but they were in a film. AJ says I have seen the film. Guddan says I will explain. Whenever the pillow stops on someone they have to do what is written on the chit.

Perv calls someone and says bring me a poisonous snake. The game starts.
Perv’s man comes and gives him the snake. He says the venom is dangerous. It wont kill but is very painful. Perv laughs. He says Guddan this snake is like me and coming for you.
Guddan comes to kitchen to pick the basket. Perv kept the snake in it. Guddan sees it and screams.

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