Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone at Nagar Nigam organised Ramleela and Fair

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi, Kishore, Durga, Lakshmi and Vardhan arrive at nagar nigam organised Ramleela and Fair and wish that Guddan come to them soon.. Area ladies ask about Guddan and Akshat, family cover up and goes.. Ladies gossip about fight b/w Guddan and Akshat.. Durga and Dadi wish Akshat find Guddan soon..

On road Akshat with Police👮🏻 team try to find Guddan and pray🙏🏼 to Lord Ram to make him meet his Guddan.. Police check every car🚗.. Antra, her hench men get shock😨 to see checking.. One of her hench men advice to kill🔪 Guddan on stop, but Antra slap👋🏻 him saying let her plan and use brain🧠, as she believe that win always lies when prey dies painful death..

They see Durga Maa palki and merge in that.. Akshat say to inspector👮🏻 that he feel his

Guddan is near by, though inspector👮🏻 deny saying it can’t happen practically.. Akshat say his Guddan use to say that when brain🧠 doesn’t work, listen to heart❤.. Later while going Guddan braclet stuck in akshat hand and break.. Before Akshat see toli goes.. Akshat find beads and remember 🤔in flashback How Dadi asked him to tie beads raksha kawach on Guddan hands to save her from all evil powers. While tying braclet Guddan say the person who want to kill 🔪me, is praying for my safety and even I don’t know will he save me if required???.. Akshat ask inspector👮🏻 to follow that beads as they belong to Guddan.. Inspector👮🏻 take him and team to Nagar Nigam Organised Ramleela and Fair..

On stage Revti, Prav play as Ram seeta while inacting Part of Ramayana.. Durga feel pain in stomach, Akshat ask her to rest and visit doctor👨🏻‍⚕.. He inform them about being Guddan at fair, and promise to find Guddan soon..

On the other secene Antra bring Guddan in fair.. Akshat believe to find Guddan, when Guddan shout his name.. Though Akshat find nobody but hear sound.. He inform same to inspector👮🏻..

Antra take Guddan Near to Ravan and tie her there, informing about her death and requesting🙏🏼 to her by not returning as Ghost👻 while asking God to send her mute next time.. She goes.. Guddan believes that Akshat will surely save her..

Ramleela team end their ramleela with Parv holding lighted arrow to throw at ravan.. Antra enjoy over her victory that she is about to achieve.. Dadi and Akshat are tense while trying to find Guddan

Precap: just voice over will guddan be saved?

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  1. I would be very happy if that lighted arrow could come to the writer or to Ekta Kapoor. they would immediately repent and write good shows


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