Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan decides to come to AJ’s house

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The guy says now you have to do my work. Guddan giggles and says I cant do anything. Arrest that uncle for marring me forcefully and let me go from here. He says shut up. I didn’t bring you here to send back. You like acting right? Go to that house and do the acting. He points gun at her and says you have to collect proofs against him so we can arrest him. Guddan says find another way. I can’t live in the same house with that uncle. I am leaving.

Guddan goes out. she steps in a room. She sees her family photos being played. Guddan says how do you know so much about my family? He says I know a lot more about them than you. Guddan says what is all this? He says calm down. We know your father is a very nice man. it is difficult to prove anyone innocent.

We can prove your dad guilty of anything. So help us in getting AJ arrested.

Bhushan is worried for guddan. He says i hope she is fine. Revati says she will come back don’t worry. Her phone is off. I don’t understand how could I sleep. Why was she saying i was in trouble? Bhushan says if she said there must be something. Kaushaliya says what will people say about us now? He says I am worried about Guddan not people. Bhushan opens the door. The whole neighborhood is outside. they all taunt on their family. A woman says that Guddan is disgusting. She hooked up with that old man so that she can have all his money. They all come forward to blacken Bhushan’s face.
Guddan stops the man. He says how dare you come near my dad. Go and see what your son does. Go and blacken his face. Don’t you people have anything to do in your own houses? And Simran aunty you? Your daughter ran away with the milkman. Stay out of our house. You all keep saying I can’t do anything but we tolerate it not you. Stay out of our house. Get out. Bhushan says you proved you are my brave daughter. Why were you saying all that about Revati?

Kaushaliya says you have ruined our lives. What will people say about revati if you come back here. Who will marry her? For how long will we tolerate things that you do. You are defamed in the whole city. Guddan says Revati will get married in a good family and I will never let your name down. I will stay in my husband’s house. As AJ’s wife. Revati says what are you saying. You don’t like them. They don’t respect you. What is wrong with you. Don’t ruin your life. Guddan says I have decided what to do. I wont let anything happen to you.
Revati hugs Guddan. Guddan leaves.

Guddan comes to that room. She looks at her mom’s picture in tears. guddan says ma.. If I live in this house i will only defame mummy papa. I can’t do this anymore. Guddan says don’t worry mummy. I will leave this house. No one will say anything to papa and revati will be married in a good house. I will go. You will have to find another reason to be angry. She touches Kaushaliya’s feet. Revati hugs her. Bhushan caresses her face. Guddan is in tears. She leaves the house. Kaushaliay comes out. Guddan hugs her and cries. she goes out the house and sits in the car. Revati hugs her.

Scene 2
Laxmi says why are you all so upset? We can’t be sad because of that Guddan. We will get Shweta married to AJ. Durga says AJ is married to Guddan. Shweta is dressed as a bride. Everyone is dazed. Laxmi places AJ’s picture beside her. She says pandit ji start. We will start with AJ’s photo. Dadi says enough Laxmi. AJ is married. I don’t care if you accept or not. Guddan is my daughter in law.

Dadi says what will I do with this thaal? I wanted to do all the rituals with my daughter in law. AJ comes and throws it away. He says i wasn’t married. This was a joke. No one will be welcomed in this house. He throws it towards the door. Guddan comes in.
Precap-The daughter in laws do the rituals with Guddan and misbehave with her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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