Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan in Indore

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan comes back to Indore. She says it feels so good to be back to hometown after 4 years. She sees a couple and recalls her moments with AJ. The song, tera ban jaunga. Revati says how do you feel? Let’s go. They get inside the car. Guddan recalls AJ’s promises. She recalls AJ saying he hates her. The car stops. The driver says it’s a baraat. Revati says these people can never change. Guddan says it’s okay. Revati says we used to see baraat’s in childhood. Revati says what would Guddan of 4 years ago if she heard her favorite baraat song. Guddan says I would dance. Guddan says I am joking. Revati says you can enjoy it. There’s no media. Revati says let’s go dance. It will be fun. It’s our city. Guddan says what if someone recognizes me? Guddan gives her a mask. Guddan comes out of the car. Guddan dances with the baraat.

AJ walks on the roads drunk. He comes near the baraat. Guddan dances with them. AJ comes to the baraat as well and dances. They don’t see each other. Their backs collide. Guddan feels weird. Guddan recalls meeting AJ. She turns back but AJ is gone. Guddan says it’s been four years still I feel you around. AJ dances on the other side. Guddan is on the other side. They don’t see each other. Their hands touch. Guddan feels weird. AJ sees his hand. Revati says le’ts go. Guddan leaves. Guddan gets inside the car. AJ sees her scarf and smells it. He keeps it in his pocket.

Bhushan says my superstar Guddan. Reporters are outside. They ask Bhushan how does he feel about Guddan becoming a star with one movie? They ask is Guddan coming home?? Kaushaliyya says yes. She is coming here. It’s her home. Take my photos. Bhushan says go from here. Guddan comes outside. Guddan says I don’t want to meet them in front of the media. I missed them so much. Guddan picks a helmet. Revati calls the reporter and says Guddan will rest in the 5 star hotel not at her home. The reporters inform each other and leave. Bhushan says Guddan isn’t coming. Guddan says but I am already here. Guddan hugs them. Kaushliya does her arti. Kaushaliya says make me meet Hirtik. Guddan says let me meet him first myself.

Scene 2
Saru calls someone and says I want the entire house decorated. It will be a palace for me. Dadi is worried. Durga says don’t worry. AJ would come home. Dadi says he isn’t home for a couple of days. Saru says look at the news. AJ’s destruction has started. A food inspector reported his restaurant very negatively. AJ comes home drunk.

Guddan says sorry media annoys you a lot. Bhushan says no we are very happy. Kaushaliya says people keep asking about you. Everyone is calling me. Even the TV. Guddan says it has happened because of your love and support. Bhushan says we are a family. Bhushan says you have another family as well. Won’t you go to meet them?

AJ says I am absolutely fine. Saru says because of you, our restaurant is suffering. See this news. The inspector has given such a bad rating to our restaurant. Where would we earn from if this happens? AJ looks at the news. There’s news of Guddan being in the city on the other side. AJ burns the paper. Bhushan says to meet them. Guddan says I have forgotten that house.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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