Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Alisha hurts Guddan

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Alisha says I added mummy’s name here. Now I have to remove Guddan’s. Aj says enough. She let you change the name of his house, she let you do arti first. She considers you the daughter of this house and lets you do anything you want. She is my wife and laxmi of this house. Antra was my past but Guddan is my present. She can’t come back in my life and take Guddan’s spot. You’re my daughter, we all want to love you. But don’t misuse our love. Is that clear? Alisha leaves. AJ goes upstairs. Guddan goes upstairs too.

Guddan says you can’t be mad every time. AJ says you can’t take her side every time. Guddan says I am only trying to understand her. AJ says she has to understand as well. Guddan says calm down. Don’t be so angry. sit, please. Take deep breaths. In controls heart and mind. Let’s do it. 1.. 2.. 3.. AJ breathes. Guddan says you liked it right? Now try to understand. She doesn’t need to be scolded. Her treatment is love. Give me a chance. If I could change her dad, I can change her too. Once she sees our love she will never do the same. AJ says if she tries to hurt you I will teach her a lesson.

On another pot, Alisha writes Antra’s name. Revati says what difference would that make? Guddan has removed your mom’s name from everyone’s heart. Saru says don’t use your anger on it. Alisha says let me drill on your hand. Revati says are you crazy? Alisha says then stay out of my way and let me do my drama. Saru says she is crazy. Revati says she is frustrated because she loses from Guddan all the time. Durga makes them fall. She says you fell like always. You were going to step on laxmi ma. We stopped you. Laxmi says we will keep doing the same. Revati says how dare you? Durga says we know what plan are you making? Guddan is our laxmi. We won’t let you hurt Guddan and we will make you fall like this always.

Scene 2
Everyone prepares for Dhanteras. Alisha calls AJ. AJ says where are you? We are all preparing for pooja here. You will like it. Se says I am busy in my preps. You told me not to sit on your head. So now, my mummy will sit on Guddan’s head. She stands sin terrace and throws the pot on Guddan’s head. Guddan’s head gets stuck in it. AJ tries to take it off. AJ says are you out of your mind. Guddan screams. Her head is stuck inside. Alisha says my mom’s name is written on it. The laxmi and AJ’s mom has my mummy on her head. AJ says you’ve crossed all limits. She says I won’t let you both live happily. AJ says don’t you dare. Alisha says she has to suffer like my mom. AJ says I am really sorry Guddan. He asks Kishor to call someone. Durga brings water. AJ asks Guddan to sit. AJ says Alisha has to be punished. Guddan says no she needs affection. AJ says she has crossed all the limits. I won’t sit silently. AJ says Durga brings the oil.

Revati and Saru apply sindur on Laxmi and Durga’s faces. She says have fun. Guddan’s neck hurts. AJ says this isn’t helping. Guddan is hurt. Guddan says I am fine. AJ says don’t hide your pain. Dadi says how can Alisha do this. AJ makes Guddan drink water with a straw. Saru says thi is so much fun. Kishor and Vardan call a worker.

Revati massages Alisha’s feet. She says you are amazing. You have such an amazing way of making her suffer. Saru says AJ has called labor. Alisha laughs.
The worker says we have to cut it, we can’t remove it. Alisha says I knew. I have a cutter. I knew you won’t trust me. Now have it. Cut it. The worker says I can’t do it. If I miss an inch I will cut her neck. Guddan says AJ can do it. AJ says how can I? Guddan says like you always tell me, you can do it. You cook, I don’t trust anyone’s hands but yours.
Precap-Alisha says come on AJ start cutting. You might even cut her neck. AJ tries cutting the pot, Guddan screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Crap and more crap

  2. This show is becoming beyond shitty. Is this supposed to be entertaining? Alisha needs a hiding as all spoilt brats do and Guddan also needs one for being stupid for thinking “love” will sort out the brat who should be punished everytime she decides to be disgusting. As for Saru she should be thrown out of the house but the script writers think spreading evil is entertaining. Take the blasted show off air!!

  3. Verma4

    Obviously prison did no good to her but this saru and revati are really piece of crap. The amount of hatred is really unbearable. Time to shut this show for good . God the mouth on Alisha is really foul.

  4. Firoza Haheed

    Not a good example for the viewers. I am always disheartened after each episode recently. Why so much hatred? The last episode is unbearable!!

  5. I hope perv kills revati, saru and alisha…..they are beyond evil…,,i hate their faces..,ple e stop this extra evilness from the show bcs it’s not reality

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