Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Durga on Guddan’s side

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadi says you are not the Guddan I knew. You did wrong. Guddan says to antra shocked about the property? The stress looks good on you. Start your countdown. You can’t kick my DILs out. A real MIL keeps her family united. Gudddan doesn’t respect disgusting people like you. I talk like this and show you your worth. I have right on this wealth. If you try distancing me from AJ, my 2% more can kick you in hell. Antra is angry.

Antra comes to her room and tears a pillow. She is angry. Antra says what magic did she do that AJ made her 51% partner. I can’t let AJ do this. I will take it from her.
Saru says to Guddan, what did antra do? Guddan still has 51%. Guddan outplayed her. Let’s go and asks her forgiveness. She saved us. We would be out of this house. She has money too, She is the major shareholder. Antra can’t do anything. Let’s go. Let’s apologize.

Guddan looks at her empty hand and recalls AJ taking her ring. Saru comes and says sasu ma I am sorry. we made a mistake. We know Antra is bad you saved us. You are our MIL. Durga is here to apologize too. Guddan says wait a minute. Guddan signs a cheque. Guddan gives it to saru and says here are 20 lacs cheques. saru say what is this for? Guddan says you are here because I am 51% partner. You are doing it for money. I didn’t even have to ask why were you kicked out. I know you are a thief. You couldn’t be of this house in years, so how would you be mine. I don’t need your apology or drama. I want Antra out of this house. But you two have encouraged her. Now she did the same to you so you are here apologizing? The relationship you never accepted, now I reject it too. Now go. You aren’t my DIL.

Saru says to durga we can do a lot with 20 lacs. Laxmi says you got 20 lacs. You can buy anything from it except for your MIL’s trust who saved you from being kicked out of the house. SAru says we went there to apologize and she insulted us with this money. Laxmi says I wish you could see the reality. She stood alone but helped her. she saved you. You two can never understand. Durga recalls. Durga says I know everything. We could never see GUddan’s kindness. She saved us from being kicked out of this house. We sold all our relatiosn. She still helped us. Gudan has all the right to be MIL of this house. Saru says what happened to you. I know you are doing another drama. I won’t be part of it now. saru leaves. Laxmi says saru is right. I am sure you are doing drama. Durga says Antra fooled me like she fooled Gudan. She left that snake there so everyone is turned against us. Who would trust us now? Laxmi says what would you do now? Durga says I can’t help Guddan openly but I can win her trust back. I will help her, I will be with her. I never accepted her. But I want to be with my MIL now for this house. I want to fight with her.

Guddan throws away Antra’s stuff. antra says what is this? Guddan says this is my room. Get out of here and go to the guestroom. I told you don’t dare taking my AJ from me. Antra says this is my room. Antra says I am the 51% owner of this house. I decide who lives where. I can even send you to the servant quarter. AJ Comes. Antra says see AJ what is she doing. Guddan says I have the right to live in any room of this house. You can’t even stop me AJ. You know I am the major shareholder. Antra leaves.
AJ holds Guddan’s hand and says money has played you mind. Sign these papers. I want my shares back. Guddan shoves his hand and says when you trusted Antra over me, you lost right to hold this hand. Go hold hand of the one who you made wear that ring. If you do this again I won’t forgive you. If you think like the ring, you would give my right to Antra too I won’t let that happen. You gave my room and ring to antra but not anymore. I am the same Guddan. You used to force me but now I will rule because I am the owner of this empire.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. wow what an episode, guddan just nailed it.

  2. Guddan has finally pulled out his claws, just being kicked, trampled and considered too young and immature,Well it’s time to show what it’s made of!!


    Today Guddan showed Antra her limits AJ proved his worth.. The cheapest man I’ve ever seen.. He wanted to save money so he took of Guddan’s ring and gave it Antra and now he wants his shares best episode so far

    1. I haven’t been watching for a while….so thank you for the updates!
      Yes Shanki, finally Guddan has won something against Antara…

      How dare AJ say that Guddan is only after money and Dadi saying this is not the Guddan she knew….
      Will these 2 clowns take a long hard look in the mirror and see if They recognize themselves!

      But the real battle is still coming…..
      After fake miscarriage the whole family is against Guddan again…….even the bahu’s that Guddan saved.
      Not to mention AJ..

      I would never be able to forgive anyone if I had to experience half of what Guddan had to endure……
      I really hope that Guddan moves away from Jindal bhavan after clearing her name and make them suffer for what she had to go through

    2. In the next segment Antara wins again on Guddan .. Where is the good and when stops the bad. How to believe in God again and to ask him and believe in faith … It becomes unhealthy this way .. Because belief. The Truth is Mocked .. Until when must the woman endure for victory to be revealed and the truth triumphs. In short .. Disappointing a little more each day .. It is a series that I appreciated a lot .. But since the entry of Antara. I lost the charm .. Especially the behavior of Aj and Daddy .. How they had a brainwash .. Short accused so much Guddan and yet she had to prove and showed the truth to every problem but today she is only .. Disappointing I say

  4. love love Guddan’s attitude 🙂

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