Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says this is our last chance to prove that Honda and aJ are different. AJ says I would do it if you’re with me. guddan says only for this mission.
AJ acts. He shouts in AJ and honda’s voice. AJ argues with honda about the deal. Antra looks in. She sees AJ coming out of the door. He comes back in and Guddan does his get up as honda fast. Honda says I am leaving. I won’t back out from words. He comes downstairs and says antra he has gone mad. He isn’t listening. Honda leaves. Antra goes upstairs. Guddan pulls AJ from the back window. He dresses back into AJ’s attire. Antra comes in. AJ is there. Antra says how can you talk to Honda like that. AJ says he has lost all limits. How can he do something like that. He fought with me. Why did you sing the deal? Antra says relax. This deal is good for our family business. I know what am I doing. AJ says if you think this is right then go ahead. I trust you. Antra hugs him. She says at least I got to know AJ and honda are different and God he is such an idiot.

AJ’s hand is bruised. Guddan dresses his hand. HE says I told you if are with me I can do anything. How was my performance? He says my heart hurts. SHe says the bruise is on your hand. AJ says it hurts more when you’re rude to me like this. Guddan says do your dressing yourself. You aren’t getting your chances. I don’t love you. I will say no every time. He says look in my eyes and tell me you don’t love me. Guddan says I don’t love you. AJ holds her face and brings her close. Guddan says I dont love you. He says say again… Guddan tries saying. AJ kisses her. Guddan says why should I say anything. She leaves. AJ says I know you’re hurt. I know you love me. This pain brings me closer to you. I have all the time for you.

AJ comes in the house. Guddan does his arti. Antra says you have nothing to do with this house. Don’t do arti here. Guddan says okay you do it. I was doing arti of the idol. Dadi says she will leave this house anyway. Guddand does the arti. Dadi says God always keep my family happy. Antra says soon I will sign the deal. And I and AJ are getting married. what could be happier. Antra says Gudan wanted me not to do this deal. I will be richer and you will be crying. Guddan says in heart, the good time will start but mine not yours.

Scene 2
Saru tries to berak the glass. It cracks. Saru says you will see Guddan how I get out of here. Guddan comes there. Saru hides the crack. Guddan sees it. She takes the hammer. Guddan says you were trying to break it? It can’t be broken. Saru says antra gave me everything that you all never gave me. Guddan says if you stood by this family it won’t have happened. Anyway have this idol and do the arti Ask what you want. I wont stop you from doing what you want. I am not fighting for myself. I am fighting for my family.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Uff aj ab Jaan hi love kya hamari. Tooo romantic…..

  2. Uff aj…..ab mar hi daloge kya hmeee……….what a romantic scene…..????????

  3. Fantastic episode today. Really enjoyed each and every scene. What a performance!!!!! Amazing. Actors are not acting they are just living in their roles. This has to be in number 1 in trp list.

  4. Don’t know whats the problem but I’m facing problem in posting comment.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Precap: 1 hour special episode of Yeh teri Galiyan and Guddan, where Guddan challenge Antra and Shaan Asmita baby will grow up
    2. Still nothing happened, now need to wait next week again…???
    3. Akshat got hurt little and blood came soo much?????? hope they are able to hide from antra during double role
    4. Just love♥♥ the scene b/w Guddan and Akshat today, butterfly was flying in stomach???????
    5. Guddan was jealous seeing Antra hugging Akshat, as if she would kill her?????
    6. Ohhh no, wrong decision to give Puja plate to Saraswati due to 2 reasons:
    (a) she is devil??, and devil don’t worship
    (b) might be due to light and crack in mirror, antra get doubtful
    7. Now how saraswati found tool box???
    8. Tanvesh changed clothes in balcony???????
    9. Forgot about 20 times Guddan wasn’t able to say 10 times that she hate Akshat????
    10. Guddan was looking prety in end in blue saree????
    11. Atiba, you missed so much in update…. But it might be lot of work pressure…

  6. Thanks Shraddha for your comment and update. I am not satisfied with the update. it is short and certain parts are missing in the update. please be aware of this. I don’t respond every day but I do read the update every day and i don’t understand hindi.
    I know you do your best miss Atiba but do your best to write something more. Thank you

  7. GTNHP precap: Saru manages to escape from room and is on her way to warn Antara!!!

    On these auspicious days the devil still win!???

    What does this mean for Guddan and Akshat?
    Does he have to marry Antara to get hold of property?
    And Guddan?
    What is Durga doing….she has been very quiet lately….surely she can dig up dirt on Antara?
    The husband’s and Angad too….Not very useful hey!

    As for episode: I too enjoy these beautiful romantic moments between Akshat and Guddan!!! Goosebumps and heart palpitations!!
    We need to let husband’s watch and learn how to be romantic!
    Note to producers: Why not have a double wedding? Akshat and Antara / Guddan and Tanvesh…..then make Antara swop grooms, because she is that greedy for money and power. We will need a double swop, because Akshat and Tanvesh is one and the same person and clearly has to marry Guddan!
    (Second Akshat will obviously be played by an actor friend of Guddan. She did study acting, so she can find someone for that role)

  8. Hi everyone, just some logistical info..
    As per divorce papers, Akshat is 40, Guddan is 22…
    Antara was missing for 15yrs..
    When Antara left, Akshat was 25 & Guddan was 7..
    Antara probably is a year or two younger than Akshat, which should make her about the same age as Durga them…
    If the bahu’s knew Antara, then they are all in their late 30’s and all of them got married at a very young age!!!

    1. I still think that producers should implicate Antara in the death of Guddan’s mother….
    2. It’s not so far fetched that one of the nephew’s had a thing for Antara…
    3. During one of Guddan and Antara fights, Antara was on the phone with someone and said that this person has always been helping her in the past. Will check episode number

  9. I find this subject of antara very childish. I hope they will stop very soon and pay attention to akshat and guddan relationshi.
    their relationship is more interesting than anything else right now. We don’t need triangle love. What nonsense is that.
    tell us how it belongs in a relationship. don’t tell me how to break a relationship.

    1. Geeta, I agree with you….
      Unfortunately, latest spoilers states that Akshat marries Antara…
      Apparently he wants to change her into a better person…these stupid people find it so easy to forget that she is a murderer…What happens to Guddan is still vague..
      Clearly the few romantic scenes was just to shut up the viewers for a few days and to keep the Antara track going!!!!
      I Will wait and see….if this marriage happens, I am done with this show…
      No wonder it is out of the BARC trp top ten this week… are tired of this track!!!
      .the team is on a production break…which means that what we are seeing now was probably shot weeks ago. I saw Guddan in the blue outfit she wore in last episode on instagram 2 months ago….
      That being said and we have touched on this subject before:
      Producers must stop making the divinity and sanctity of marriage look trivial!!!

  10. Thank you Nur Ahmed .
    I’m completely agree with you.

  11. Hope everyone who celebrates Janmashtami have a beautiful blessed celebration!

    And I hope that Guddan too will be successful in her plans seeing that is is her Lord Krishna’s birthday!!!!

  12. SanamA.K.ASeharAhmadKhan

    1. Enough u guys? and pls don’t stoop too low that you won’t be able to save ur heartless souls!You guys got partial memory loss or what? kindly, pls go check with doctor…

    2. It’s soo disappointing to read ur disgusting comments?.. about the so-called chemistry of ur “Akshan” and see how easily u forget what ur “breath taking” Akshat did to our Guddu??? and what really worries me is how acceptant u guys are;especially Shraddha ?..

    3. Go on, keep encouraging this behaviour of ur AJ, so husbands think that they can: humilate, distrust and make there wifes go through hell anything, coz what is there? at the end of the day, she just gets upset then just say 2-4 words and they accept there husbands arms open!
    3. I hope one day, your husbands give you a little spoon filled with a quarter of Guddu’s pain, so you people can one day not only sympathize but also empathize with Guddan, even if she might be just a character..

    4. And I know there are many haters out there, who will react definitely back to my text.. but that doesn’t stop me from sharing the bitter truth coz “haters gonna hate” and there not worth my time..

    5. After this bitter reality Shraddha, Shivangi and geeta all might be doing threesome someday?? and I just hope they get the brains and strength to look from my point of view and stop justifying there “beloved” AJ uncle .. the fact is that old man doesn’t deserve Guddan:(

    6. Also it was shameful seeing AJ forcing Guddan into kissing his “filthy wet gigantic lips”????.. and you guys call that soo romantic? Guddu was looking in soo much pain while the uncle was looting her innocence! At the start ur Aj was known too be a big gentleman and said a girls no means no! Excuse me, cut with hypocracy?..

    7. Shraddha and others instead of getting upset with me, pls understand and take a stand for our Guddu??.. don’t insult ur mothers and encourage men too play many games “Manmarzhiya” with there wifes otherwise there won’t be a difference between a woman and a toy in the eyes of a man!

    8. I usually don’t assume but, Shraddha,Shivanya and geeta..u are all woman urself and hope one day Jesus gives u the maturity to stand at Guddu’s position or at least look from distance and then u stop worshipping the hulk! Got to say, Shivangi was always stupid but expected much more from Shraddha

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree on your point of view, and respect it…. But its just a show, let it be…
      Yes I agree that Akshat and Jindals should bear punishment as well for Hurting Guddan… But we can’t deny the chemistry b/w the 2 and about no means no, this doesn’t go here as Guddan is hurt as Akshat didn’t believe her truth, but she never denied that she love Akshat, she is angry and hurt….
      By the way its not your mistake even for thinking thi way, atiba miss so many things during update, that updates remain incomplete and create confusions….

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Sorry SanamA.K.Aseharahmedkhan I saw your comment today, here is your reply-
      I agree on your point of view, and respect it…. But its just a show, let it be…
      Yes I agree that Akshat and Jindals should bear punishment as well for Hurting Guddan… But we can’t deny the chemistry b/w the 2 which is the only reason to watch show and about no means no, this doesn’t go here as Guddan is hurt as Akshat didn’t believe her truth, and she agrees that she love Akshat.. As she is angry and hurt so she isn’t able to accept his sorry, which for the first history of tv I saw that female lead not forgive easily, otherwise female lead always says “don’t be sorry it was her duty”….
      By the way its not your mistake even for thinking this way, atiba miss so many things during update, that updates remain incomplete and create confusions….

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