Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan leaves with Bhushan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kaushaliya says they insulted as the same way on the wedding. AJ is accusing your dad. Dadi says don’t say anything against him. He was giving Bhushan respect. Durga says Dadi ask this Guddan, how is she listening all this? She should stand with truth and this family but she is with her dad in his lies. Kaushaliya says she is calling your dad a liar. This was left to see. Say something. Tell them that AJ is lying not your dad. You should trust your papa. Guddan says please calm down. Dadi says can AJ do this guddan? Don’t you trust him at all? Laxmi says yes say something why are you silent now? Can AJ lie? You also think your mom is right? Saru says if you think we are all liars and we bother you so much why do you live here with us then? Leave this house. Durga says yes saru is right. You should stay where you trust people. You don’t trust us at all. So it’s better tha you go back with your family. Perv says if she goes back how will I meet Revati. Durga says or prove that we are wrong. AJ says enough. Bhushan says let her speak. To live her, she has to agree with all of you? She can’t have her opinions? Guddan you can’t live in this place. It’s not huge we don’t have servants but Guddan isn’t insulted there. Let’s go Guddan. Dadi holds guddan’s hand. Kaushaliya holds Guddan’s hand from the other side. Guddan looks at both. She is confused. Guddan leaves Kaushaliya’s hand. Dadi kisses her hand and smiles with tears. Guddan looks at Bhushan.

Guddan recalls all things he has done for her. Guddan takes her hand from dadi as well. Dadi is dazed. Guddan looks at Bhushan. He walks out. Kaushaliya leaves too. Guddan looks at them leaving and then at Dadi. She looks at AJ. Guddan walks away from him. She walks towards her family. Guddan says let’s go papa. Dadi is in tears. Dadi goes to her room in tears. AJ looks at Guddan leaving. The daughter in laws smile and go to their rooms.

Scene 2
Dadi looks at Kathor in tears. Durga comes and says the one you are sad left for her family in a minute. For her nothing means anything. She wrote on this board her mistakes and she wrote marryin AJ was a mistake. She chose her father over AJ. For her we are nothing. you loved her like a daughter. And she left you in a moment.

Durga says I am so worried for my dadi. She must be really upset. Revati says you know AJ can never do that. Why did you come here then? Guddan says look at papa. He was so worried for me. Guddan says papa sit here. She masses his back. She says your anger will go away in a moment. He says they can’t talk to my daughter like that. Guddan says you should be angry for your insult you are mad because I was insulted. I don’t wanna be like those daughter in laws. I handle them very well. Why should we hurt AJ and daid for them?
Kaushaliya says if you cared for your papa you wont have said all this. He said all this for you. They will be insulted in the newspaper. They have to pay us to end this. Guddan says you can’t take family problem to newspaper. Bhsuhan says she i right. But I wont ever let them insult Guddan. They have to apologize to you Guddan. till those three apologize you, you will live here. He leaves. Guddan says this is a misunderstanding. AJ isn’t lying but so isn’t papa. I have to solve this.
Precap-Guddan tries to solve the problems.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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