Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Saru tells Antra about AJ and Honda

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Antra says I want to start this new venture, on my wedding day. Honda says great Antra says Guddan be happy. I am getting married to AJ. Guddan says Honda you’re not signing it. Honda syas I will convince her. The deal is one. Saru says I have only 24 hours I will have to tell Antra everything. If antra loses I will have nothing.
Guddan comes to Saru with food. Guddan says you must have seen how your antra is trapped. Have this foodd, you will have to stay here till tomorrow. Saru hugs her and says please forgive me. You were right. I was wrong. Please trust me. Guddan says you are so shameless. You can’t even act. You can’t fool me. I am not a mad human, I don’t want to keep you here but I need to get those papers. Eat it, you are my family

memeber at least. Saru has stuck a note on Guddan’s back with her blood. She says in heart, even if I have to shed blood, I won’t let you win Guddan. Guddan leaves. SAru says antra will read it and ruin your life.

Antra says where is this Aj.. Guddan walks past. Antra sees a note on her back. She tries reading it. Guddan turns back. Antra reads.. AJ and Honda are same. Not two people. AJ pulls Guddan to a side. Guddan says what are you doing. He says want to see you close. She says I don’t want to see you. He says I am not mad at you. This isn’t fair. Guddan says I have no interest. You can’t do what you want. You can’t touch me. AJ says no one can stop me from coming close to you. Guddan says step back. He says I would only come close. He holds her hand. He says you can’t stop me, slap me if you want. I wont’ leave you. GUddan shoves him.. AJ sees the note on her back. He says what is this.. AJ sees the chit. He says what is this. Guddan recalls Saru hugged her. Guddan says antra read it. AJ says she knows everything. We have to end Honda game. Gudan says we have to do something. I will save this plan. Let me think.

Antra says AJ and Honda are one? Saru says she read it? Antra says how can I believe a chit? But who would write it? Antra compares their photos. AJ comes there. He says she is my wife to be. stay away from her. He is on call. AJ says you are meeting me this evening. There is a chit on AJ’s back. Antra says stop.. She takes that child. AJ says what.. Durga says someone did this on my saree too. Everyone has that chit. AJ says who did this stupid joke? Guddan calls him as honda. Guddan says act it. AJ says this prank was so bad. Antra wasn’t well. She read all this. What joke is this. It’s not funny. He turns on speaker. Honda says sorry bhabhi. This was for fun only. Antra says it’s okay. AJ says you act like kids.
Dadi says I should have know this must be him only. He is a child at heart. Thank God he didn’t do this joke with Guddan. Antra says it was on Guddan’s back too. Dadi says don’t include that Guddan in our family things. I want her out of this house after your wedding. AJ says relax ma.
Gudadn wonders if Antra is still in doubt.

Sary says what new drama have you done now Guddan. Guddan says you don’t even know what family is. You would never understand. Guddan says I am only doing what an MIIL should do. she puts bandaid on her cut. Gudan says you shed blood for that antra? It would be infected. She says you would lose from Antra.
antra says why would honda joke like this? I have to see AJ and Honda together at once. Problem solved. Guddan wonders how would she bring them together. Saru says what would you do now. Guddan says save my family like always.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I could not even read this crap….saw a spoiler where Antara found out about Aj and Honda being one how great….they have spoiled the show with this annoying character totally lost the charm now I’m sure Daljeet or whatever her name is not leaving anytime soon even Parv character didn’t get all this screen play and I more rather him as the villain

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Precap: Guddan and Akshat try to prove to Antra that Akshat and Tanvesh are two different people, just than Antra arrives in room
    2. Akshat and Guddan Chup Chup ke Chori se chori wala ishq♥♥♥♥
    3. I hope they clear Antra doubt before its too late…
    4. I would have appriciated if they would have used another person as Tanvesh, no doubt no problem…
    5. How can Saraswati find paper and double side tape inside dark room???????

    1. What a coincidence na! She got paper and tape from that dark room!!! Otherwise this series is nyc! Sometimes such blunders jus come up!!! ???

  3. Loved the romance between aj and guddan m tumhara hath bhi pakdunga tumhe kiss bhi karunga or u kone m tumhe kass k hug bhi karunga agr tum mujhe thappar mar kr Rok paogi to try krke Dekh to a these dialogues mere stomach m gudgudi hone lag gai awwwwww aj……

  4. OMW, Kya dialogue, Akshat!!
    How about really kissing her now…every time she scolds you?!

    Other than Guddan Akshat scene, not much happened. Hope their plans work this time so that Antara can be hauled off to jail and rot there forever….although I am sure that someone in the police force has helped her in the past.. need to binge watch the old episodes again….
    Have a great weekend everyone

  5. Thank you Nur Ahmed, have a nice weekend.
    Have a nice weekend everyone

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