Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshat takes 7 vows

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshat says while feeling proud that guddan changed his thinking in these 7 months, he never gave importance to marriage vows, but now he will fullfil them.
Akshat take 7 vows:-
7 New vows {N} vs 7 old vows {O}:- with background music??? mangalam bhagwan vishu and Durga face turning pale? with all vows, while dadi, guddan and laxmi smiling?? and rest expressionless..

1. {O}: I promise that my wife will be treated as robot.
{N}: I promise that I shall treat you as my friend and authority to make me realize my mistakes.

2. {O}: I promise that I will make my wife will be boring and arrogant.
{N}: I promise that I shall think about you before myself and will never ever ask you to change

3. {O}: I promise that my wife will be treated as maid in house and will be treated as trophy for outsiders with respect.
{N}: I promise that till my life has breaths I will always give you and treat you with respect.

4. {O}: I promise that I will ask my wife’s age!
{N}: I promise that though I am elder in age, but I shall keep fit myself for you, and will remember my duties as husband and will fulfill them.

5. {O}: I promise that my wife shall stay in house but will not get place in my heart and in my room.
{N}: I promise that in Jindal house guddan will get all respect as wife, daughter in law and as mother in law

6. {O}: I promise that I will make my wife strong that she should be able to protect herself for world as well as from me.
{N}: I promise that I shall protect you all whole life.

7. {O}: I shall not take this 7th vow as living together is not possible.
{N}: I promise that Guddan, I shall never make you far from myself. And no 3rd person will not come between us.

These are 7 vows guddan from akshat and both hold hands??… {ishq agar ek dhaga hai to ek sira main hun dusra tum ho, ishq agar ek vada hai to ek tudka main hun dusra tum ho.. music plays?????} guddan says these vows are so amazing and touched my heart❤ as these are from your heart❤. Akshat says that I am man of words and now see other things as well.
He turn towards angad and say I promised Guddan that I shall make her wear Mangalstura as well as catch the real culprit, as He know Angad can’t do things alone. Angad points towards Durga, everyone get stunned??. Akshat says you are real culprit, but angad say not Durga but saraswati is main villain. Saraswati says that I am not, he is lying. Dadi slaps?? her. Durga smiles?. Dadi scold saraswati saying still you are lying, we gave you love and respect, and you gave this in return. You are black spot!! Aksaht try to calm dadi, but dadi order saraswati to leave house!! Saraswati ask Aksaht and Guddan to believe her!! But dadi stay in her order!! Guddan and Aksaht say we can’t take this decision in absence of Rahul: saraswati husband!! But dadi ask her to leave…. Sarawati think? where to go?? Why angad took my name?? what durga said to him??
Flashback shows that Durga again brainwash Angad saying that saraswati blackmailed her to harm Guddan, Akshat and family and I am helpless. Angad says we shall expose her infornt of family soon.
In present angad says to durga that now you are free from burden. Durga fake tears? saying yes, and thanks for believing in me. Angad says I had too, and now I shall rectify my mistakes.. durga smiles? that all my planning is falling in place, but I need to take care of Saraswati..
Saraswati is packing her clothes, and durga arrives. Saraswati taunts durga that she is too dangerous, but not to forget I am not rockey and I shall expose you for sure. Durga ask for forgivness and ask her to relex, I shall fix everything.
Wardboy arrives to take Angad, and he ask for forgivness from Guddan and was about to go. Guddan stop him saying you realized your mistake and you should rectify it rather than going, after all you were used by someone else. Angad hold Guddan legs?? and say you are great but I don’t deserve all this. Guddan say no should stay with us, after all everyone deserves second chance. Akshat say Guddan is right, if I was old Akshat, I would had done same as you, but now I believe Guddan is right and hug him. Angad say I shall become good brother and shall correct everything.
Saraswati come with her bags and ask for forgiveness and return everything given to her as Jindal daughter in law and is about to leave. Guddan stop saraswati saying you did mistakes and leaving house is another, durga smiles?. Guddan ask akshat if she is allowed to take decision as his wife, she ask dadi if she is allowed to take decision as mother in law? Akshat and dadi nod yes?; than Guddan says that being mother in law of this house and on behave of my daughter in law I beg?? that we should give saraswati second chance as we all gave to angad.

Precap: Guddan shows some pics to Akshat and both become friends?

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  1. Loved ur update ???.. Please do more and 100 out of 100 for akshan ???

  2. Leisa s morris

    Dis gurga eh..hmmmm but wat to expect after she throwed her own brother under d bus. Before i thought dat she hated guddan as she was younger and was making mistakes but now i realize that she only cares bout her position in d house to rule the roost as dey say. Guddan needs to teach these two a gd lesson.

  3. DannyComments

    Beautiful episode and very well written…Thank you ShraddhaSharma392 …I’m beginning to like you very much these days..#no homo?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Welcome for liking my update… And you missed to write beginning to like Show

  4. Love your update. You can write the update from Monday till Friday for us. Durga is very dangerous. Guddan will expose her. Guddan feels that saraswati is not at fault

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank you…
      Sorry I am not regular updater, I work as backup in time of need…

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey Shraddha thanks for the written update.
    I really like reading ur written updates, I have read it in another show’s forum 2-3 years back.
    The first few min of the episodes was good cause of the 7 vows ??? reminded me back to the first episode of the show where Akshat had taken strict vows for his second wife n now its so sweet(n akshat says he doesnt like badlaav lol ?)
    Besides that this was a pakau episode. They forgave that Angad n Saru so easily. M i the only one who is really confused about Angad’s character?! His character is way too confusing, I dont even think he is mentally unstable.
    I do like him when he’s positive(like in Goa days) but I can never forget what he did with Akshan
    Precap is ?? really happy to see friendship in Akshan ❤️❤️

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Welcome for liking my update..

      Even I doubt on his intensions, as he turned positive so easily which is very fishy….

  6. Thank you Shraddha.Very nice update. Pl continue to write.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Welcome for liking my update

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