Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan saves herself

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pushpa tells Agastya about a renowed doctor. She says he’s a specialist. Agastya says that’s great. Pushpa says I took the appointment. Agastya says take care of her medication. Pushpa says I will take care of her. Agastya leaves.

Saru says I did what you asked. Pushpa says this fan will fall on you and won’t be able to get up due to sleeping pills. Agastya will think it’s an accident. The fan’s screw is lose. Bari Guddan hears all this. She says how do I save my daughter.

Agastya forgot his phone. He comes to Guddan’s room. Agastya says maa got you a new doctor. You will get better soon. Bari Guddan wonders how to get out and save Guddan. Agastya leaves and says I will be back soon. Choti Guddan’s hadn gets stuck in his hand. Agastya says I know you don’t want me to go. But I have to go but I will be back.

Choti Guddan looks at the fan. She tries to tell Agastya. Bari Guddan is stuck in Pushpa’s room. they are all in the room. Bari Guddan says I have to get out of here. They hear a noise. Saru says let’s go see that Guddan dead. Bari Guddan also runs out of the room.

Everyone comes to the room. Choti Guddan is on the floor. Agastya says Guddan are you okay? He picks her and takes her on bed. Shona says what is happening? Agastya says you’re getting better. Pushpa says what happened? Agastya says Guddan saved our lives. Guddan moves and saved me and herself from the fan. God listened to you. Bari Guddan thanks lord Krishna. Agastya says take care of Guddan maa. I have to go for the meeting now. Pushpa says I will.

Scene 2
Saru says Pushpa come eat. She says I can’t eat until that Guddan is alive. Niya’s father is coming to India. Shona says God is with her. We can’t kill her. Pushpa says shut up. Saru says don’t worry. We will kill her this time. Shona runs she says my stomach hurts. Saru also runs. Bari Guddan says you won’t have time to think. Pushpa’s stomach also hurts. They run out.

Pushpa runs to washroom. She says Arushi come out. Arushi says my bathroom had a problem so I came here. Shona and Saru fight over the washroom. Pushpa also comes. Pushpa says this can’t be a conincidence. Guddan does these drams when Agastya is out. Pushpa sees a shadow. Shona comes to her room. She also sees a shadow. Shona also screams. Shona says it was all Pushpa’s plan please don’t kill me. Pushpa says it’s me. Come with me. We will kill Guddan right now. Shona is scared. Bari Guddan says my Guddan isn’t alone. I will teach you a lesson Pushpa.

Shona says here’s your rope. I can’t do this. They come to Guddan’s room. Pushpa says keep an eye on the gate. Niya says will you handle it? Pushpa says what happened last time won’t happen. Saru ties her feet. Phone rings. Saru says pick the phone. Someone starts hitting Saru. Bari Guddan comes and says Saru bahu.. Saru is shocked. She says sasu maa?

Episode ends.

Precap-Pushpa says I will kill Guddan today. Bari Guddan comes there as Durga. Saru says sasu ma? Guddan says you messed with a mother’s love. I will punish you for your sins.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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