Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Alisha marries Vikrant

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan brings the groom. Alisha says in heart I am doing this for you mom. I have to marry this old man to get you justice. This day would be history for Guddan and AJ. I will make them cry today. Guddan ties their knot. Alisha picks garland. She makes Vikrant wear it. Vikrant makes her wear the garland too. Guddan says in the heart where is Alisha? She confuses me a lot. AJ says what are you thinking? she says nothing. AJ says are you thinking what I am? Guddan says what? He says about our wedding. Guddan says so you want to marry again? He says I wish. I wish we married with all ritual.s Guddan says but we are together. That’s what matters. AJ says Vikrant deserves all this happiness. He really loved bhabhi. I hope he lives a happy life with bhabhi now. Dadi says AJ listen. Guddan says in heart I have to find Alisha. A guest says Guddan you have done an amazing arrangement. You asked my daughter to keep her ghunghat and not to talk because it’s a ritual in your house. Guddan is dazed.

Laxmi says I have to get out of here and tell Guddan about Alisha’s plan. Guddan looks for the letter. She reads it again. Guddan says it says her mom ashed her to keep the ghunghat. But why did she lie? I should go and ask her. Guddan sees Alisha’s sorry board. She matches the handwriting. Guddan says why would Alisha write this letter? Alisha says you don’t know what a mother’s death means to a daughter Guddan. I will avenge her death.

Dadi says before rounds let’s take a selfie. He says I will take the selfie. Vardan says take your ghughat off chachi. Alisha says in heart what should I do? Dadi says yes show your face. Vikrant says you can for the selfie. Perv says I will take a family photo. AJ says yes Vardan you come here. Perv says Sarla ji take of ghunghat for a second. Everyone looks in the camera and no one sees her face. She puts ghunghat back on. Alisha says thank God.

Guddan looks for Alisha everywhere. Guddan peeks in the room and sees Laxmi tied. Guddan says who did this? She releases her. Guddan says Alisha’s plan was to marry Vikrant not to kill him. See the bride faints there. The wedding is going on. Guddan says it’s Alisha downstairs. Guddan says I have to stop this wedding. Perv hits them on the head and they both faint. Revati says you can’t stop this plan Guddan. AJ looks for Guddan. Revati says what’s next? Perv says we have to enjoy the wedding. Revati says Alisha can need us. Let’s go downstairs. Perv says she will ruin AJ’s life. AJ and Guddan’s relationship would be over too.

AJ looks for Guddan. He says where did she go? Perv says let’s go. AJ comes in that direction. Alisha and Vikrant take off the rounds. Alisha says mom, I never knew I would marry without you and with this old man. I am doing all this for you mom. I miss you a lot.
AJ sees Guddan. He says Guddan what happened.. Guddan says Alisha, she is marrying Vikrant. AJ runs downstairs. Vikrant fills Alisha’s hairline. Vikrant is making her wear the mangalsutra. AJ and Guddan are running downstairs. AJ says Vikrant, stop. Guddan says it’s Alisha. Pandit ji says the wedding is done. Vikrant says what? Pandit ji says the wedding is done.

Precap-Alisha says to Guddan you couldn’t stop my plan. I
avenged my mom’s death. You and AJ, I will ruin your lives. Real game just started.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SICK!!!!

  2. What real game started? She’s married and must go stay with her husband wherever that it. Hopefully its near a park and she can play there at leisure.

  3. This poor girl is crazy .. How does it concern guddan and Aj for the wedding .. Since when the girl gets married she leaves and lives in the house of her parents-in-law .. Her future does not depend on Guddan .. In short. CVs should stop showing that the negative for the youth of India and the whole world .. What education and concept of life and morality that the series conveys as a message .. It is very poor hard and bad .. Car the power of respect for honesty and love are scorned by a young selfish and capricious girl who does not understand anything in life .. Who does not know the real truth .. Brief episode very critical and poorly designed .. Car the message shown is not correct. Especially for young people .. No respect for elders and old values ​​instilled .. Disappointed from the series .. Too negative

  4. This is not what we wanted to see in gunddan how can a youth be the winner of al her selfish plan and in this serial it show that evel win and true loss revatie perv and dat bich of daughter in law how can they win again and again

  5. Verma4

    Such BS.

  6. on the other hand why is the whole paltaan living in AJ’s house,
    Revati & Parv ( this is Sarus brother- why is he living there
    Saru made mistakes – why is she there and her husband overseas

  7. I wish people would stop comparing Guddan’s wedding to Alisha’s –
    Guddan was forced to marry Akshat, where Alisha deliberately conned Vikrant

    Then there are viewers snidely calling Guddan ‘mahaan’ –
    -She is a devout believer in Lord Krishna
    -Guddan’s character has always been that of someone who respects values and morals and always fights for what is right.
    -She is very protective of her loved ones and will do anything to keep them safe but if any of them are wrong, she has never shied away from getting them on the right track
    ALL she lacked initially was self confidence, which Akshat instilled in her
    If this make her ‘mahaan’ then so be it….

    Akshat’s character on the other hand has been massacered by the show producers since Antara’s appearance!
    -What he put Guddan through was unforgivable
    -And now there is Alisha – she should never have been brought into the show as his daughter – because he seems to forget ALL his other responsibilities towards his wife and other family members and friends.

    I’m not sure how long this Alisha track is going to drag on…….but I really cannot see Guddan and Akshat having to endure idiotic suffering cooked up by stupid writers / show makers


    -If the writers have run out of ideas – stop rehashing old events and feel free to contact me for NEW/FRESH ideas at at no cost to them

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