Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: AJ arrested

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rawat says to Guddan I will have the proof to his fakeness today. He goes to his office and turns on the recording. Rawat hears it in tears. He breaks things in anger.
Guddan is worried. She says should I speak to AJ? Before things go wrong. Guddan comes to AJ. She says I want to tell you soemthing. He says is it important? She says yes very important. Guddan says I don’t know if you will trust or not Rawat iis here to trap you. He thinks you are behind Antra’s death. I trust you and know you can’t do any such thing. AJ has fallen asleep. He didn’t hear anything.

Rawat says to his boss here is the proof. We can’t let go on this finding.
Rawat comes to AJ and says lets play. He gives him punching gloves. AJ says if you have decided to lose.. They starts fighting. Rawat gets very aggressive. AJ says what happened to you. HE says stop. Rawat says he killed my sister. Everyone is dazed. He is about to punch AJ Guddan comes in front. AJ stops his hand. Rawat says he killed my sister. Rawat punches AJ and says get up you killer. AJ punches him. He says I killed Antra? Police comes in. They arrest AJ. Rawat says your game is over. You are arrested for killed your wife Antra.

Guddan says you can’t arrest him life this. Durga says AJ can never do any such thing. Guddan says move this handcuff. AJ stops Guddan. Rawat says I have the proof. He shows her cassette. He plays the cassette.. Antra says in the recording I wanted to tell you all this for a very long time. But.. I wasn’t able to. I couldn’t gather the courage. But I think it is important for you to know.. AJ is the reason behind my death. AJ is shocked. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says in heart Antra didn’t say anything like this before. AJ is in tears. AJ asks Guddan to be aisde. Police arrests AJ. Guddan is crying.
Her dupatta gets stuck in AJ’s cuff. Police takes him. Dadi faints.
Precap-Durga says you knew all this right? Why didn’t you tell us Guddan. You could stop all ths. Dadi faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Stupid episode, why Akshat is not defending himself??? And now durga will put all blame on Gudden without any info…😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

  2. Yes is true. All the blames will come on guddan. Durga is the same like aaliya(kumkum bhagya)

  3. Omg..why Durga wht is ur pbm any guddan.u always blamed guddan for all things.its too much.

  4. Shraddhasharma392….I think AJ was shocked to hear Antara saying he is responsible for her death…u know he gets extremely emotional when it has to do with her…what I don’t get is this rawat issue..I think it is more than his sister’s death…I don’t think he liked AJ even when his sister was alive cos he is just too bitter and wants AJ in jail at all cost..
    But I love the chemistry between AJ and Guddan so lovely to watch…I just need Guddan to be mature enough to always put Durga in her place always…Durga need to divert her strength to love her own relationship sometimes I think she’s actually in love with AJ and wish to be in Guddan’s place😃.But why are Indian actors sooo handsome🙈🔥

  5. Really stupid ,how can a dead person after being killed do d recording ? U cant arrest someone on d basis of voice recording. Wat proof that it was Antaras voice?

  6. She said AJ is the reason not the killer. Can u hand someone on that bases is that proof enough?

  7. I think its a dream sequence

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    AJ arrested 😨😨 The pace in which this show was going I thought this recording and AJ being arrested sequence will come a week or two later, but wow that’s fast. Maybe cause of dipping trps they accelerated the pace of the story. I m not only in love with Guddan and Akshat’s chemistry but also the understanding the couple is having between each other. AJ has always been there for Guddan after marriage(he kept his rude avatar aside and took the time to understand guddan) and Guddan is so confident with the fact AJ is innocent. She is so mature when she talks with Perv or Rawat, but what happens to her when it comes to Durga?! I dislike Durga’s character the most in this show though the actress playing the role is doing a good job. Durga always would have problems with Guddan no matter what. AJ has pointed rightly. It’s not necessary for Guddan to be blamed for whatever has gone wrong.I hope Guddan can prove AJ’s innocence and their love story shld start. Both are in love with each other, but not realising it. If not Guddan, definately AJ is in love with her.

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