Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Antra doesn’t sign the papers

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saru says I will tell everything to Antra. Guddan says wow liar. Saru says laugh antra will make you cry. Guddan says we are not lying. We are saying stand with right or pay for your sins. Saru says you sent my brother to jail and you think I would be with you? I will always be with antra. Dadi says she doesn’t understand, use the other way. Guddan sasy you will stay here for as long as we want. Saru says this room is dark. Where am I? She sees Antra outside the glass wall. Dadi says this is secret room. This is only a mirror for antra. Guddan says she can’t even hear or see you. Amazing right? Guddan says this is your world now. Saru says antra.. Listen. Guddan says she can’t hear or see you.
Antra asks AJ where is saru? AJ says she went to US. She

went to her husband. Saru says he is lying. AJ says relax. She would be back. SAru says you can’t do this. Dadi says who knew you would turn out this way. Saru says please get me out of here dadi. Guddan says this is your house. Don’t worry you will get your food.

AJ comes to Guddan’s room and hugs her She says leave me. AJ says I don’t like leaving people I love. aJ says thank you. This is my right. You are the strongest one in this relationship. I am sorry. You are my strength. The way you have handled everything, you saved our family. You are the reason behind our happiness. Guddan says I did what was my responsibility. AJ kisses her forehead AJ says you are the best thing in my life. You did everything the best way possible. Guddan says I wish you didn’t break my heart. She leaves. AJ says I will heal it. You will love me like you used to.

Guddan comes to terrace and cries. Guddan says I know I am hurting you but.. my heart is hurt. You left me for someone else. You hurt my self-respect, ho can I forget all that.
Guddan stands outside saru’s wall.. She says antra signed these papers. All her wealth will be ours. Antra comes there. Saru says Mr. Honda is the real man He is doing a deal with me. Are you jealous? Well you don’t know business. Guddan says honda I won’t let you do this. DAdi says I wont let you ruin our happiness. I know what antra does for us is good. Honda says stop it. We are doing a deal. This is a deal. He says Antra sign the papers. Antra takes the pen. SAru says no antra don’t sign them.
Antra tries reading the paper. She signs it. Saru says please stop antra Dont do it. Guddaan says wow Honda. you are doing this. AJ says sign it Antra. Antra says I trust you Honda. Our wealth is nothing for you. ANtra says let’s sign all tomorrow? It is my wedding day. We will finalize the deal tomorrow. Honda says Antra you the smart one.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Precap: Saraswati hug Guddan by saying Sorry and stick paper on Guddan back stating Akshat and Tanvesh are same person and hope Antra reads, Antra read that paper..
    2. Not happy with today episode, just uncessary dragging… ???
    3. Hope plan doesn’t fail, which shows precap????

  2. According to a spoiler sari will stick a note on guddan back writing that aj and honda are same person…but anyway I don’t think that antara will come to know about truth and I haven’t watched the episode but can feel the romantic moment when aj hugs guddan…..luv u aj

  3. Damn ! Antara read that paper ,dies that mean d plan fails . It also means that Antara will not exit d show,infact now that she gets to know d truth her track will extend . How very boring. It’s really irritating to watch d same old shrewd expressions on Antara’s face ,I think at time Daljeet goes overboard with her expressions n it’s very boring now. Initially I thought she was acting well but now find it boring n irritating aswel. Also d story seems to have lost also sense ,I mean ok Antara is greedy n wanted all AJ ‘s wealth which she acquired then y d hell not get out of AJ’s life ,her hatred of Guddan is also not justified bcoz she doesn’t love AJ ,had she loved AJ I cud have understood her hatred for Guddan. Also no longer info about her ,where was she d past 15yrs ,no clue ?

    1. She is the courtesan flirtatiousress ,. Her name is shashankabiya

  4. Damn…Damn Saru!!!!
    I am so MAD right now###
    I was hoping to see the end of Antara track
    That witch murdered her own brother, what the hell is she still roaming around freely…

    Ast, no one looking into Antara’s past really annoys me!!
    I have a nice twist for this track….How about Antara and Rahul (Saru’s husband) being in cahoots with one another…..Will be best pay back for Saru!

    Not sure what is in store for Guddan and Akshat’s relationship????

    Not even sure if I can watch this if Antara stays any longer, will be even worse when she finds out Tanvesh and Akshat is one and the same person!!!!

    Loved the sweet moments between Akshat and Guddan, and as much as I want them to resolve their issues….Guddan has all the right to feel the way she does…..I just hope that it doesn’t change her character completely.
    Antara hates Guddan, because she is the only one that saw Antara’s true evil, conniving face from the start! Our brave, smart Guddu….is not a stupid girl….

    P.S: who noticed Guddan’s age on divorce papers? She is only 22…but Shanti bua said she is 24….

    Can these writers and whoever does final checking, please take pride in their work and not confuse people…..

  5. Leisa s morris

    I hope sarus husband ask her for divorce cause she doesn’t appreciate being a part of dat family . Her brother not only hurt every member in dat family but also tried to hurt her yet she is hurting her family for such a scoundrel. He didn’t even appreciate his own wife and even tried to marry guddans sister and yet she can’t understand. As dey say birds of a feather and worst he’s her brother

  6. She is the courtesan flirtatiousress ,. Her name is shashankabiya

  7. Will Antra sign on the paper

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