Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Ganga announces her wedding with Diljit

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganga says I soon want to leave from here. AJ says I want to go as well. But let’s end everything. He says tell me the girl’s location. We have to end that part as well. Ganga says I can’t believe someone like you is in my life. I feel like a heroin. He says you are a top class heroin. Someone calls her Ganga says you never tell me any good news. She says send that girl in the cargo train tomorrow. Leave her there. Ganga says I will be yours forever. That girl will go away from us. AJ says in heart I have to tell Guddan.

Guddan decorates the house. She says Choti will look so pretty in this dress right. I will dress her up in this. AJ stops her. He caresses her face. AJ says our Choti will be with us tomorrow. Guddan says promise me. AJ says I promise. Guddan hugs him. Saru peeks in and sees Diljit and Guddan hugging. Saru says I was right. This Diljit is with Guddan. Ganga comes there. AJ sees her and shoves Guddan. He says don’t you have any shame? Never dare coming never me. That won’t make me do anything. Ganga comes in and says how dare you Guddan. You don’t have any limit. Diljit says she made a mistake. Ganga says I don’t care. I will teach her a lesson. He says it’s useless to talk to her. Come let’s go. Ganga says stay away from my Diljit.

Scene 2

Ganga says why have you called us here? Laxmi says what is happening here? There are sweets all over the table. Ganga says this is for the happy news of my life. I can’t call outsiders, otherwise you people don’t deserve it. Guddan says what is all this? Ganga says tomorrow, Diljit and I will be one. Everyone is shocked. Diljit says this isn’t possible. Avinash says this can’t happen. You’re my wife. Stop it. Everything will be over. Ganga says weak relationships end. My relationship with him is a lot stronger. Avinash says you are my wife, I love you. Ganga says your love and this relationship is out of my heart and mine. She says don’t dare touching me again. Avinash says you can’t marry someone else. Ganga says I can’t marry before divorce either. I was planning an engagement that was my plan. But I thin Diljit has a problem with that. Are you traitor like all of them? Was it all a lie? To marry me and go to Canada. Diljit says I didn’t mean that. I was saying how will I wait till evening. Let’s do the engagement tomorrow morning. Ganga says I knew you can’t break my heart. Have sweets. Guddan says in heart, this game will be over once I reach my Choti.

Scene 3

Ganga comes to Guddan and AJ’s room at night. She says I can’t see you anymore. Neither your happiness. I will be starting a new life. She shoots them. Dadi wakes up in fear. It was her dream. Dadi says that was nightmare. What is happening? This isn’t a good sign.

Guddan is worried about Choti. AJ says stay strong. Dadi calls them. Guddan says maa ji are you okay? Dadi says my heart isn’t okay. Are you both okay? Guddan says we are fine. Dadi says I saw a bad dream. I saw that Ganga.. Guddan says she can’t harm you. Dadi says take me from here. Guddan says you know the situation. We can’t take a risk with your health. Dadi says I am really worried. Guddan says you will be in this house once our Choti is in this house. We will have Choti here. I will remove Ganga’s darkness from her life. Dadi says my prayers are with you. Guddan says it’s important for us that you’re safe. We will all be united here soon. I promise you. Dadi says I know my Guddan can do anything. Guddan says take care. We will be there soon. Dadi says please protect my kids God.

Scene 4

The next morning, engagement starts. Diljit and Ganga are on the stage. Ganga says take my photos Saru. Durga says we are bounded due to Choti. Otherwise I would.. Ganga says you can’t do anything. You have no worth in this house. Durga says neither do you. Not a single person came for you. Ganga says I didn’t invite anyone due to the pandemic. Now keep smiling. Ganga looks at Guddan and says your favorite MIL is here. Welcome. AJ says in heart your upset face makes me so sad. I will bring your happiness back. I will bring out Choti back.

Precap-AJ is at the station. He says I am Ganga’s friend. I will do it on her behalf. He takes Choti from them. AJ says mama is waiting for you. Guddan says I feel like AJ found Choti.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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