Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: AJ saves Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says to Antra this was your game right? You wanted to hurt me with this anklet? Antra says I don’t need to do anything to defeat you. Laxmi says why did you have to talk to her. Guddan says now I am sure she is going to do something. I know she is upto something. We have to find her real plan. Keep an eye on Saru.

Saru says there are a lot of ways, I hate guddan too but this isn’t right. Her blouse.. I would close my eyes. Laxm says what were you saying? saru says nothing. Laxmi says we know you and antra are planning something. Saru says stay out of my life. Laxmi says tell me. SAru says go downstairs and see what is going to happen. Laxmi says what would happen? She says your guddan would ose. Laxmi says there is something wrong.

Antra comes to hall and says Honda I am here. He says wow welcome. guddan says I would light up this function with Honda. Antra says in heart you will only be insulted. Honda says wow two women are dancing for me. Whoever wins my heart with the dance will get whatever they want. Are you ready? Guddan says yes. He says let the dance begin.

Honda starts the dance. Guddan and antra start he dance
Saru says what should I do. Something is wrong. Her blouse back.. Laxmi says Guddan’s blouse back? What did antra do? Guddan dances with AJ. ANtra comes too.
Laxmi says I wont let this happen to Guddan. This is a sin. You can’t do anything. Saru says antra would kill me. This is wrong but I can’t do this. Laxmi says I wont let this happen. Saru says please don’t go. Laxmi says I would. Saru hits her on head. Laxmi faints. Saru says sorry I didn’t want to hot you. She runs out. Durga says what happened? Saru says nothing. Durga says where is laxmi? Saru says she was going to restroom.

Guddan’s blouse starts tearing. Laxmi opens her eyes. The door is locked. Laxmi texts AJ. AJ looks at Guddan. AJ picks a shawl and wraps Guddan in it. Guddan’s blouse is falling. Guddan hugs him and cries. AJ slaps Antra.. He takes off his beard. AJ says how could you stoop this low. I wont forgive you. You will pay for this. antra says you were fooling me? You slapped me for this Guddan. I still own everything in this house. Now see how I bring you all on road. Ntohing would be left. I killed my brother and now I see how I end your family. First this Guddan. You fooled me. You have invited your death. AJ throttles her. Guddan stops him. Guddan says we can’t do anyting. Lxmi says are you okay? AJ says its okay it happens. Guddan was imagining all this. She stopped AJ. Antra says oh that was embarrassing. Honda saved you. Guddan says I won’t forgive who is responsible for this. Guddan goes usptaris.

Antra is angry. She says how did honad save her. How could he know. Did someone tell him? Saru says I didn’t tell anyone.
Guddan is crying. aJ comes there. Guddan says go. He says I won’t leave you alone. I am your husband. I am here.
AJ ties her blouse

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Precap: Guddan declare that she is not among those women who don’t raise their voice, she shall punish antra to her weirest pain.. Later Guddan drive car and antra is running to save herself…
    2. I wished Saraswati would have done something to save Guddan respect???? though she did everything indirectly, as she was speaking to herself which Lakshmi heard and messged Akshat, but if Saraswati would have helped Guddan, she might have been forgiven for all her mistakes?????
    3. face off dance?? was mind blowing???? (expect wadrobe malfunction)
    4. Akshat slapping?? and almost killing Antra dream was much better than akshat and Guddan dream sequence dance??
    5. Though saraswati hate Guddan but didn’t wanted to ruin her respect, and for this she should be forgiven for theft she did in starting.. But still she is wrong..
    6. Saraswati praying Money????????????????
    7. Antra face turned pale when Tanvesh saved Guddan and she was doing acting as if she want to really help Guddan by asking tailor number??????????
    8. Akshat: he isn’t marry to Antra, Guddan isn’t marry to Oldie, not took divorce, we have with little issues, but we have same marriage relation
    guddan: same old complaints
    Akshat: yes we have complaints but right now my wife need me and he will fulfill husband duty…. It was sooo caring and emotional secene..?????
    9. What was the need to sew??? ????Guddan could have changed her dress: question arised in mind, but than seeing love❤, care and affection in their eyes, watching each other through mirror: Had soo many feelings beyond words…????
    10. I don’t get one thing, in every show, where wadrobe malfunction is going to happen, the lead or girl whom so ever she is, why doesn’t check her dress before wearing it?????? even they know that villians have no shame??
    11. When Akshat slaped???? Antra, Antra acted as if either her tooth or teeth broken??????????
    12. Saraswati says if Guddan had suffered wadrobe malfunction, she wouldn’t have able to forgive herself.. But how will forgive herself for letting this happen and helping antra??????
    13. Since episode 1 saraswati says 1760 number all time, people have pet words, she has pet number?????…
    14. I am sure Saraswati will turn good only when her Husband Rahul will come with another wife and Jindal will help saraswati..????
    15. Can someone plz tell me the song and music played:
    (a) during Guddan and Akshat dream dance
    (b) akshat slapping Antra in dream
    (c) guddan crying in room before akshat come and stop falling curtain
    (d) in last when akshat sew guddan dress
    16. Atiba too many mistakes and little bit incomplete, but no problem it happens as there is soo much work load…

    1. Thank you, Anjali!

    2. Anjali Sharma

      most welcome Noorie! such a nice name 🙂 <3

  2. Yesterday’s episode was too good. Loved d dream sequence i.e d romantic dance of Guddan n AJ. Sizzling n mind blowing chemistry displayed during d dance.It set d screen on fire. Also loved d part where AJ consoles Guddan n stitches her choli though Guddan cud have easily worn something else. Any ways loved that scene,very emotional n very well executed by both Nishant n Kannika.
    Shradha romantic dance sequence song was kaise kahu from movie Kabir Singh n also d other song where he is sticking d choli is also from Kabir Singh.

  3. Thank you Shraddha, very good “update”

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Welcome geeta, but i just commented on points, update is done by atiba only

  4. OMW…..what an episode!!!
    Next to episodes 208 to 212, this is me all time favorite for now.
    1. I agree that Saru missed a great chance to redeem herself.
    2. Laxmi bahu to the rescue – I really wish that the writers would give more scope to the bahu’s personal lives as well…they have been married for so long and no kids as yet???
    3. Wardrobe sabotage – why is the female always made to appear helpless? Guddan was wearing a long dupatta that could be used to cover up? But this is a story so I will accept that for dramatic purposes she needed to be saved by someone.
    4. Mr Honda – what a save it was!!!!!
    5. LOVED the dance sequences and the song choices were perfect!
    6. Ast, I agree …..The scene between Akshat and Guddan was so special, filled with so much raw emotion…
    7. Guddan: She need to express these emotions so that her healing can start. (in real life I would have been crying for days on end!)
    Scriptwriters – I just feel that Guddan’s dialogue has become so repetitive when she fights with Akshat.
    8. Akshat: I am happy to see that he acknowledges his mistakes and is putting in the effort to make things right…hopefully we will see a lot more of these scenes.
    PS: Marriage is not something you give up on when you love your husband and vice versa.
    You work through the issues / problems and don’t head for divorce courts every time you have a fight with your wife or husband

    Looking forward to Antara leaving the series for good…she has seriously overstayed her welcome now!

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Thank u ast and anjali

    1. Anjali Sharma

      welcome 🙂 <3

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