Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: AJ confesses the love

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says AJ has given me a place in his heart and life. But that doesn’t mean Antra is out of it. Antra’s photo is there. Guddan says she will always be part of AJ’s life. And I am his trust. Past has memories. everyone is where they should be. After seeing this picture I knew I was wrong. If it were just sympathy he would never give me place in his heart.

Arrangements are being done for engagement. Guddan says dadi this is what you asked for. Guddan looks at AJ. Dadi says let me go. Guddan says you wanted to say something. AJ says it wasn’t sympathy. Guddan says I wanted to apologize. And for what my friends did. Sorry for their behavior. AJ says it’s okay. I am glad for the stand you took for me. She says you taught me how to stand with your part. That’s why you placed my picture where Antra’s was. He says I have placed present in present and past in past. Guddan says thanks. AJ says I wanted to say something. This between us.. Flowers fall. Gudan says let me pick. Angat says it’s okay. I will pick these. Laxmi says AJ can’t do it.

AJ says there was a problem. Guddan says yes? He says for my wife. He says he and his wife are always fighting. But he has fallen in love with his wife. Guddan says so this is a good thing. He says he is confused. How to confess. They fight like us. Guddan says how can they fall in love then? ASk him not to confess. I don’t think there is space for love in all these fights. Dadi says AJ what did you do. He leaves. Laxmi says he can’t do it. You lost the bet. Dadi says we have to push them.

Laxmi asks love marriage or arrange? She says AJ you sorry. I thought it was.. He says what were you saying. Guddan says dadi told me you are planning to propose her. So would it be arranged marriage or love? AJ says she doesn’t care. She said my friend shouldn’t confess because there is no chance.
Guddan says to dadi what was that. Dadi says he doesn’t have any such friend. He was trying to say what’s in his heart. Guddan says you’re pulling my leg. This isn’t possible. Dadi says you can’t be friends only. Guddan says stop watching movies. DAdi says he will confess. Keep your answer ready.
Laxmi says how will she answer if you dont’ confess. I think you should it straight to her.

Guddan says dadi said.. But does AJ? Dadi has some misunderstanding. Why would AJ fall in love with me? Laxmi says what if he did? Dadi was right. AJ wrote this letter to you and this saree. Guddan says what.. SHe takes the letter. Guddan is confused. Laxmi says read it. Guddan says I am scared. What if there is something written in it. I am.. I don’t know how to answer. I don’t know what love is like. Guddan says I can’t.. Laxmi says read it. Laxmi says AJ says you can do anything. AJ cares about you, trusts you. Your fight has love. This is love. Guddan says we fight a lot. Nothing is alike between us. Laxmi says opposites attract. Their small things touch us. Their anger is part of the love. Laxmi says love can happen anywhere to anyone. Only your heart can answer it. One answer, that you need from your heart. Laxmi hugs her and says you can do it.
Guddan starts reading. AJ wrote.. I wanted to say this for I love you.

Precap-Guddan says I want to live my life with you. I will confess my love too. AJ says where is she.. Guddan comes downstairs in the saree.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Amal

    Awwww episode was so good, can’t wait for tomorrow night episode. ???

    1. SHANKI

      What is wrong with you guys that old aj with small immature guddan what rubbish just stay friends!
      No I don’t want aj to marry guddan again I just want Ravti and angad show more about them psl their marriage, not old man aj and guddan! both so ugly square face

    2. Amal

      Shanki oh shhh ?, we all know Guddan and AJ look good as a couple ????

  2. Nice episode . but I’m afraid guddan won’t be able to express her feelings to akshat.
    something is definitely going to happen. that’s how the shows are. Maybe antra will come or evil durga will do something

    1. SHANKI

      I hope your fears happen don’t like aj and guddan !

  3. Nice episode . but I’m afraid guddan won’t be able to express her feelings to akshat.
    something is definitely going to happen. that’s how the shows are. Maybe antra will come or evil durga will do something .I hoped that this writer was different or thinks differently

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    These days the episodes r so good n cute ?☺️
    Akshat really loves Guddan a lot ? and also I love how he still didnt forget his first wife, shows that he is a gentleman
    Akshan scenes always keeps me glued to the show, Akshat and Guddan’s chemistry is sooo good
    Idk why they have to add unneccessay tracks to spoil the show cause so far the show is going good and on a right track, the upcoming Antra track is so uneeded

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