Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: AJ takes Antra’s side

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
DAdi asks Gudan where are you coming from? What happened? What is this blood? Guddan brings in Rawat’s dead body. Everyone is shocked. Antra asks who killed my brother? My brother what happened to him. Inspector says Guddan informed us and she said she will tell the name in front of the family. Guddan says her sister Antra killed her. He told me that Antra killed him and gave me this rakhi. This sister killed her own brother for her greed. You stooped so low. Durga says stop lying. She lost her brother and you are accusing. Guddan says enough. Antra says enough. You always keep accusing me. But I won’t sit silently anymore. You are making fun of my brother’s death. Antra says you killed your brother. A brother who found the world for you. A brother who waited

for years. Lavmi says why would she kill her brother. Antra says bhai please open your eyes. Please take me from here. Guddan says move away from him. You killed him because he could expose you. AJ holds Guddan’s hand and says stop it. AJ says I am sorry inspector. Please go find the culprit. They leave.

AJ says are you out of your senses? Why would she kill her brother? There was no proof. You keep accusing her. I never questioned you. I thought your pain is doing all this. But you crossed all limits today. I know my antra more than you. She loved Vikram. I spent time with her full of trust. I know she can never kill anyone. At least her brother. Stop it now. AJ consoles Antra. Antra hugs him. Guddan says I know this is hard to believe. That trust was there. But she is far from that goodwill now. AJ says I trust her. She didn’t kill anyone. Not a single more word. If you can’t ease her pain then don’t increase it. Antra says in heart there are no proofs left againt me and AJ doesn’t trust Guddan either. Checkmate.

Scene 2
AJ does Rawat’s rituals. He gives his asthiyan to Antra. Antra cries. AJ swipes her tears. aJ looks at Gudddan and leaves. AJ recalls his moments with Guddan. He recalls all that Guddan did. Guddan thinks what AJ said. she cries. Inspector comes to the house. He says we have found the murderer. Rawat was investigating against a gang. They must have done it. Antra says in heart, my master stroke made you shocked Guddan? AJ says Guddan you heard truth? Vikram had enemies due to his work. Antra didn’t kill him. You have to apologize to her for these baseless accusations. Guddan says I can die for you. But I won’t let his death be compromised. I will show you truth one day. AJ says your truth is stories and I don’t wanna hear them. Guddan puts her hand on candle and says you would have to trust. If you dont’ trust me I wont move my hand. Aj moves her and says you can’t win my trust like this. Guddan says I didn’t lose your love. He says I love you but I can’t trust these stories anymore. He leaves. Guddan says in heart I only wanted to see if you trust me or not. I wont’ let Rawat’s sacrifice go in vain.

An electrician fixes the socket. Guddan says I will call you back. She puts wire in the socket. Guddan says now fear of death will spill truth out. Only I know this socket isn’t working.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Precap: AJ scold and blame for everything happens and Antra is shown with her fake cry, while Akshat take wedding ring out from Guddan finger, saying she doesn’t deserve this

  2. Thank you Shraddha.

    1. you are welcomed geeta

      1. I am so disappointed with the change in akshat’s character………
        How I wish Antara will leave the show soon……….why does she have to brag in between Guddan and akshat’s love story😒

  3. That I felt the coming of the miscarriage and I think that is what will make that the show will take the jump of 5 years .. In short .. I have not looked since the entry of antara .. The charm is broken and the concept of the story also because in the end in this series where it is supposed that the young mother-in-law proves its worth .. They have plot .. Murder .. And that false pretense .. In short nothing to do with the duties of a young mother-in-law who is respected by her older daughter-in-law and managed a house .. In short .. It disappoints me but the series remains danq of good base and it pleases the decision makers who I think are going to drag the track Antara

  4. Lilou, I agree…the producers have lost the plot completely…
    Now they making Guddan do silly things to damage her character so that AJ have reason to throw her out of the house and his life
    He has the freaking nerve to say Guddan does not deserve the ring, He does not deserve to have Guddan in his life nor does he deserve her love
    The whole Jindal family should go to hell.
    Do you think the leap will be that long? AJ would be really old…if the writers change the concept and Guddan married someone else so that AJ sits and grieves the loss of Guddan….I could enjoy that, for a long while. He should really feel what it is like to want someone and know that you can’t have them!!

    I believe that Daljeet is friends with producers that is why this track is never ending……so they have to separate Guddan and AJ by making him hate Guddan, and forcing Guddan to leave…I bet they will change Guddans character too…hope I am wrong about this,because Guddans character is what has made this show so popular.
    Have a great weekend

  5. I am so disappointed with the change in Akshat’s character or shall I say the his lack of character!!
    He is clearly going through a phase and does not want to acknowledge Guddan’s truth because he will then realise that he has been wrong about everything in his life:
    1, loving and marrying Antara and not seeing her true colours
    2. mourning her ‘death’ for 15years while she has been alive and enjoying herself all this time
    3. admitting that Guddan at such a young age could see through Antara’s fake face and he could not

    after leap, if Akshat want Guddan back, he will have to do something majorly spectacular to win her back – dying for her is not good enough and not an option, because that will cause her more pain.

    I have a theory I want to throw out there……how old was Guddan when her mother dies?
    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Antara caused her death when she was running away from the Jindals?

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