Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: AJ writes his mistake on Guddan’s board

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says I have been doing all my mistakes and writing them here. He says why do you keep reminding yourself with these mistakes? You should accept, fix and move over these mistakes. Your mom’s photo should be in a better place. She says I am used to of this. I deserve this. You wont understand because you didn’t do anything you would regret all your life. These mistakes come back to me everytime. I don’t run away from them. I write them. She goes in and cries. AJ is about to put his hand on her shoulder. AJ recalls what she said. He looks at the notes and sits down distressed himself. AJ writes a mistake on notepad. He pastes it on the board. Gudan turns back and sees him pasting one there. Guddan looks at him dazed. She reads it.. I couldn’t

save my wife Antra. I will live with this regret all my life. He comes to his room and looks at antra’s picture. He is in tears. AJ sits down in tears. Guddan looks at him.

AJ hugs Antra’s picture. He leaves the room. Guddan says what did I do. I made him relive his pain. He comes to the hall and hears Antra shouting. Guddan comes downstairs too. She looks at AJ sobbing and panicking. He runs out. Guddan comes after him. AJ comes to kitchen and cooks. He throws the lighter away. AJ looks at Guddan. She says please eat. I haven’t eaten either. Eating alone isn’t good. He says Antra is always with me i am never alone. Guddan says then eat with Antra. I would eat with my mom. If you eat with me, I wont speak this much. If you don’t eat, I will keep speaking like I always do. Guddan comes to the hall.

Dadi turns on the light. She say why are you upset? Guddan says I was giving food to the fishes. Dadi says you can’t hide your pain from me. Durga asks all servants to come in the hall. She says your holidays are over. Everyone has their works assigned. No mistakes can be done. Pick your chits and start the work. Durga says to saru and laxmi your MIL’s rule is over. So you have to work, or are you like her now? She gives work to Laxmi and Saru. Guddan says you gave the work to everyone. You are just like my PT sir, he has huge mustaches and was strict. Laxmi says but she doesn’t have mustaches. Guddan says what should I do? Durga says you shouldn’t do anything. That’s the only thing you do fine. Tomorrow is our Christmas party. I don’t want any mess. Gudan says you are right. Why would I work. You three would work for me. I will celebrate Christmas. It would be so much fun.

Scene 2
Laxmi’s saree is torn. She says who did this. Guddan is making decorative from it. She says are you a kid Guddan? durag says are you crazy? Guddan says I didn’t do it intentionally. I would egt you a new saree. I made this collage for my dad. I thought this was a cloth not your saree. Durga says in heart I was wrong. Now I would give you work and make you realize how bad you are.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Kuch ho na ho, but Gudden and Akshat ka dard ka rishta to hai atleast, as kahin na kahin dono ka dard ek jaisa hai????

    2. Yeh ishq nhi aasan kun sa song can anyone tell me?????

    3. Mujge starting me lga tha, ki Akshat board hatayega but he too wrote his pain…?????

    4. Durga just want to control everyone lives, I dobut she is behind Saraswati and Laxmi problems as Akshat is always rule business so she want full hold at house just like hitler???

    Precap:- voiceover says that christmas party me hui Gudden Sasural and Mayeke me ladai, how will Gudden resolve it?

    1. Anonymousaa

      Ishq nhi aasan is a song by Sonu Nigam. It was released first during the dargah scene.Here’s the link to the song.?

      Sabke dil mein pain hota hai..aur akshan ke dil mein toh kuch jyaada hi..koi nhi dono ne dard likha toh sahi…

      I guess there was something else in precap too. I don’t know why the precap gets dynamic everywhere. Somewhere, there is no precap and in some places different precaps are shown.
      As I saw in Instagram, in precap, Gupta and Jindal family are at Jindal mansion. Bhusan says he won’t let Guddan stay at such place. Even Durga seconds him that Guddan should be getting back to maayka. The promo scene is shown: Guddan’s hand is held by Daadi and Kaushalya from two sides. Then Guddan goes towards door. As she leaves there is a closeup scene(as I could deduce) of AJ getting teary eyed and sad. After leaving, a big laughter is heard with voiceover that says Merry Christmas. Its Guddu who comes in Santa’s getup.?

      One thing is anyway for sure that the precap scene won’t be shown tomorrow coz in tomorrow’s epi, Guddan will be decorating house with lights while she herself gets entangled among the wires.Then AJ comes to her rescue.?

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Thank you….
        Actually I wrote precap little short and you gave in detail that difference only

    2. Ooshi

      Very true about point one, pta nhi song konsa hai pr shuru yahan se hota hai
      Ik boond main drd hain lakhon kehta hai aankh ka paani mrhm se b na bhare gi apne zakhmon ki nishan han shartein rakhein thi khushion ne jin ko gham main tha bdlna lfzon ne chor rkha tha honton pe thehrna actually Maine ye song download kia hua hai na to aap ko btaane k chakr main lyrics revise kr rhi thi

      1. Ooshi

        Shartein rakhi thi khushion ne Jin ko tha drd mein bdlna
        Mujhe doubt ho rha tha k koi mistake hai to thek kr di

    3. Ooshi

      Mention not aur Aap k sath to apna ek benam rishta hai iss liye don’t be formal.

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba and good progress. Keep it up.

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