Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rawat dies

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Antra says your love and trust lost. Guddan says my love doesn’t depend on your tricks. You two get used to jail now. I will send you two there that is my promise. You are new and you think I am just saying, ask durga. My target never misses. The 24 hours I gave you will be over tomorrow. and this time you won’t go respectfully you will be kicked out of the house. Guddan leaves.
Antra takes out the pen drive. She says how will she expose me when this proof is gone? She burns it. Durga says don’t take her lightly. She has some solution. Antra says don’t worry. I will destroy every proof. Durga says what about your brother? AJ trusts him. We have to be careful.

AJ hits the punching bag. He recalls what happened and what Guddan said. Guddan

comes there and says what are you doing. Your fist is bleeding. Why are you hurting yourself? He says this is not more than the one I am going through. Guddan says if you’re mad at me then don’t hit yourself. AJs ays I really love you and there is no room for being mad at you. Guddan says do you trust me? He says yes I do and I know what your heart is going through. Whenever things get better between us, something happens. He says our love lost. We couldn’t be one. I am sorry. Guddan says how can you not hear my side? He says what is left now? AJ leaves. Guddan swipes her tears and says I know you trust me but you trust antra too. I won’t let her play with your emotions anymore.

Scene 2
Antra calls someone and says you destroyed all the proofs right? You always helped me. You will get all the money in your account. Gudan comes there. Antra says bad manners. After that defeat, your heart might break. There are no proofs against me now. Guddan shows her a coin. Guddan says how many lions are there? Antra says three. Guddan says there are four. If you can’t see the fourth doesn’t mean there isn’t any. You can’t destroy all the proofs. Antra says she must be saying all this because of Rawat.

Guddan calls Rawaat. He says I am ashamed. Guddan says we have to expose her. He says I have a way to expose her. I have another copy. He says for one sister, I will expose the other. Antra enters his house. She says you made a copy? You are helping her? You are trying to take my family and husband from me. Rawat says they aren’t your family. If you loved and respected them you won’t have played with their feelings like that. You made fun on relations. Guddan has more respect in my heart than you. She respects people and their emotions. I will tell everyone about your reality. Antra says she turned my brother against me. If want my right then what is wrong? You are exposing me for that Guddan? He says you will see the reality when everyone knows the reality. Antra hugs him and cries. She says for your sister please dont do that. Rawat says you will know on right time why am I doing this. Antra says you won’t be alive for that time. she gives him an injection. Antra says this poison will kill you slowly. Raawaat’s next bleeds. He falls down. Antra says I care for you. You should have been with me. I am your sister not her. Guddan calls. Rawat shoves antra and tries picking the phone. Antra picks the phone and throws it away. Guddan wonders why isn’t he picking the phone. Antra cries and says what did you do. You will have to die now. For this proof I had to kill my brother. She takes the drive and leaves.
Antra says I am taking this proof You couldn’t do anything. Antra leaves.

Guddan comes to Rawat’s house. She is dazed to see him on floor. Guddan sees blood Gudan says rawat are you okay. Nothing can happen to you. Guddan says who did this? He says Antra. Rawat says I can’t live. Guddan says please you can’t die. Rawat says that family and AJ is yours. Forgive me for my mistake. Guddan says it isn’t your mistake. Raawt dies. Guddan screams.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. This was highly accepted by writers, they are ruining show…😠😑😠😑😠😑
    2. Rawat died is not shocker to me, as his re-entry and support for Guddan clearly showed that he will die before truth come out…πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
    3. Precap: Guddan give statement to Police that Rawat presented Rakhi with blood and was killed by Antra, everyone is crying😒😒😒
    4. But for sure no-one will believe Guddan, Akshat being Elder in age, doesn’t have brain to use.. He uses his brain only in scolding Guddan or other family member, but never use on deteacting who is lying or who is saying truth…
    5. I am getting bored now with this story

  2. OMW now Guddan is really on her own!!! Could the writers not leave Rawat in a coma at least…..If Guddan leaves now, I fear that she and Akshat will never get together… it is he isn’t even fighting for his love…

  3. Any idea on leap story? When series started Akshat was 45 & Guddan 20…..This changed as the story progressed…now Akshat is 40 & Guddan 24…a long leap will really age Akshat more than Guddan, she will be in her best years while Akshat heads for his fifties!! My opinion, Antara track has messed up this story .a leap will really mess up this story even further….

    For now, Guddan should put herself FIRST and fight to restore her dignity, self respect and clear her good name.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      This leap is nothing, if you rememeber Kasam show on colors, firstly tanu dies while saving rishi their age was 25 yrs… Tanu reborn and show take 25 yr leap again and on that time just tanu age increase but rest cast will stay on that same age….
      So if this show is taking 4-5 yrs leap and age doesn’t grow is not matter


    AJ is a f**king idiot, guddan only has to do everything aj is just good in catching guddan when she falls and scolding her and his family, Guddan should just leave.. Ungrateful people deserve DIL like Antra!
    Dadi has really shocked me.. I thought at least she will believe in Guddan! I never understood what Durga’s problem is with Guddan guys tell me one valid reason she hates guddan from first sight..
    She thinks she will rule this house when guddan leaves.. she will antra’s foot massager!


    1. That I felt the coming of the miscarriage and I think that is what will make that the show will take the jump of 5 years .. In short .. I have not looked since the entry of antara .. The charm is broken and the concept of the story also because in the end in this series where it is supposed that the young mother-in-law proves its worth .. They have plot .. Murder .. And that false pretense .. In short nothing to do with the duties of a young mother-in-law who is respected by her older daughter-in-law and managed a house .. In short .. It disappoints me but the series remains danq of good base and it pleases the decision makers who I think are going to drag the track Antara

  5. Shanki, the romantic in me says stay and fight Guddan! But hell…one can take only so much!!
    Shradda, I have seen many shows with long leaps….it doesn’t work and don’t last
    Now Nishant is making tik tok videos with Daljeet, I’m sure they great friends, but I also feel that this is to promote their upcoming married life in this show as well…
    I believe that there are awards shows happening shortly in India…as a south African I cannot vote….but please vote for Kanika!!!
    I really want her to win all the awards this year and the next and next….have a beautiful day and may the truth be revealed sooner rather than later for Guddan to move on

  6. Hope this is fake news!!!
    in one spoiler, they talk about a 5 year leap. AJ and Antara happily married and have a child when Guddan returns…..
    How the hell can he be happily married knowing what he did to Guddan? He deserves to live a crappy, miserable life where he remembers and longs for Guddan every single second!
    He should actually set up a room with all Guddan’s photo’s so that he can look at it every day and SUFFER! (the house where he locked Angad in)
    Does Antara, the murdering b*t*h, suddenly fall in love with AJ and vice versa?
    That would be so messed up!

    I really need to stop watching these shows for my health, I’m so angry, I’m about to blow a explode…

    Akshat’s character has really become a great disappointment:
    He is a WEAK, STUPID, RUDE, PATHETIC imbecile…..
    He is not man enough to fight for Guddan’s love and trust – her honour and name is at stake, but he still says he believes Antara and Guddan….
    Akshat, you cannot make a statement like that when their stories are the exact opposite of one another!

    But carry on…stay with Antara….May you life be filled with misery and unhappiness and may she strip you of all your dignity for being such a wimp…

    Dadi, Durga and the rest of the Jindals….you are no better.
    Laxmi, you too have forgotten what your Guddan saas has done for you..
    Angad, I hope Revati moves on too……..their romance stopped as soon as Antara arrived.


  7. And soon comes the final nail in Guddan’s coffin when Antara falls down the stairs and claims that Guddan pushed her and she ‘loses’ fake baby !!!!!

  8. Maine to jbse ye serial dekhna start Kiya h the only thing which triggers in my mind is that how aj can be 45 and guddan 20 wo dono to khi se nhi lgte h he looks so young and guddan doesn’t look like a 20 year old girl.
    Please reply guys……

  9. Hi Shivani, the Nishant is 30 in real life and Kanika is 24….in the series, their ages were 45 and 20, but this was later changed to Akshat being 40 & Guddan was aged from 20 to 24…..all for the story. Otherwise I agree a 25 year age gap is big…….anyway, by the looks of where the story is heading, they will Not be together for much longer as So what is marrying Antara

  10. Apologies, meant Akshat is marrying Antara

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