Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: AJ asks Guddan to pay 10 lacs

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says dadi see the kind of DILs I have. They want to kick me out all the time. This is how MILs should be. I told you I am here for kidnapper. I know you think we don’t really have marriage. But now I will have a private relation with him. So that at least people dont’ listen in. Durga says you have to leave this house. AJ says right, Guddan has to leave this house. AJ says what? He says she wanted to catch the kidnapper but she couldn’t. But the truth is that she has to go. But not that easily. She can go after she pays us all that she has spent on this reception. She has to pay us back. Return it and then you can leave. Guddan says what.. Where will I return 10 lacs from here? He says here is the bill. Guddan sees the long bill. He says you broke so many things in this house. Pay for them before you leave. You asked us for money. We can as from you too. Guddan reaizes what he is doing. She says okay until I return you every penny I wont leave this house.

Scene 2
AJ is cooking in the kitchen. Dadi says you did so good. She wont go now. AJ says for them it is difficult to understand so I used Guddan’s way of stopping her. Dadi says I thought you were doin this for me. But you did it from heart. Have you started liking her? You acted like a husband. e says I didn’t do all that for that. She si doing right. She never married for money. She was trap of someone’s conspiracy. I have to help her in that. DAdi says if you don’t consider her wife then why you save her every time? She is your wife. Your heart considers her wife. He says you are seeing what you want to. I only consider her your DIL. My wife was Antra.

Guddan says how can he ask me for money? I will return him every single penny. He messed with Guddan. Guddan looks at the bill and says 10 lacs. Where will I get such huge amount from? I will one way or other. Guddan writes I can do. Durga comes and says yes you can do it in a minute. She gives 5 lacs and says I will give you the rest too. GUddan says you made this poor person queen. How will I return you? Durga says no one will ask you for it. Take it and leave. Guddan says you leave no chance to kick me. I don’t need your favor. If you say you consider me family and are helping me then I can take it. Durga says you can’t imagine to earn an amount as big as 10 lacs. Guddan texts her I can do everything. She says I wont take this money. Don’t worry about me. Dadi comes there.
Guddan hears about a competition and that she can earn 1 lac if she wins. she says dadi I will participate. Dadi wises her luck.
No precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. AJ is a good character. He is kind and helpful because he recognizes and acknowledges Guddan’s innocence. But he still holds on to his deep love for Antra and won’t replace her so easily. That’s a high quality man and a breath of fresh air amongst awful, dumb, weak heroes in tv shows who just get angry and are abusive to female leads. That’s the reason that in spite of amateur acting of lead actors in this show, I still like their characters and the show as well. Good going writers. And then there are shows that have more seasoned actors but such poor storyline and bad characterization. What a pity!

  2. One question though, isn’t Guddan educated? Can’t she get a job and earn money to return it and while that’s happening, AJ can fall in love with her earnest and hardworking character? Why do they have to make her a bimbo that has to resort to outlandish ways to earn money. Aren’t smart working girls seen as lovable and cute in these shows?

    1. AngelineSalvatore

      Cause earning 10 laks is soooo easy peasy right? That too with a normal day to day 8 to 5 job? Btw i think she finished high school and didn’t go further in her studies plus she was focused in acting so maybe she wasn’t a topper…

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba.

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