Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sangeet starts

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says I can do anything for your happiness. Guddan says she is gone, stop doing drama. He says this is true. Guddan says yeah you’re the reason behind all my tears.
AJ pulls Guddan. He syas don’t consider me fool. Guddan says let me go. there are people. He says the world should see how I love you. Guddan says these cheap tactics won’t work on me. He says my heart beats for you. Guddan says teach your heart, I dont’ care. He says it doesn’t understand you. It says you love me. Aj says I will bring your smile back. I wont’ let you go away from me.

Durga says we have to stay prepared. Antra must have planned something. Laxmi says Guddan has to win. Durga says let’s keep an eye on Antra. antra asks saru to keep an eye,

no one should come. Saru says durga and laxmi will try.
Durga and laxmi are going towards Guddan’s room. Antra is in there. Saru stops them Antra says I will make you cry Guddan She cuts her anklet.
Durga says to saru move from here. Saru says I hope Antra is done.
The florist asks where to keep these flowers? Laxmi says keep there. They come in room it’s empty. durga says it smells like Antra’s perfume. She came here. Guddan says what would she have done?

Saru says to Antra they must be doubting. antra says they will see they trapped me but they are trapped themselves. Saru says you’re a genius. Antra says I am giving them a bait.
Durga sees Guddan’s anklet. She says antra cut them. It would injure your feet.
antra says I wanted them to find out those anklets. they would think they got my game. But they are being trapped.
Dadi says to Guddan you look so good. Laxmi told me what she did. you will defeat her. Why you look upset? God doesn’t let bad happen to good people like you. Guddan says in heart Antra is planning something big.

Sangeet starts. Saru says antra you look so good. AJ gets a call and says I am coming. Antra says how can you go. He says I will be back in an hour. Honda comes in and hugs antra. He says Guddan welcomed be last time so well. Guddan comes. Honda says you look so good. He kisses her hand. Saru says see how he is flirting with Guddan. Antra says he will be on my side. You will see. Antra tore Guddan’s blouse. Saru says that would create such a big drama. Antra says her dignity would be gone forever.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Precap: No precap just promo how will Sia and Guddan will deal with planning against them
    2. I knew it Antra will do this only, wadrobe malfucntion???
    3. I doubt ???? might be Saraswati save Guddan indirectly as she was not happy with this Idea, I hope this happens, and if this happens Saraswati will be forgiven for her greed deeds…??
    4. Hard to wait till next week
    5. Akshat trying to cheer Guddan, while Guddan is turning rude: ROLE REVERSE ??? due to pain
    6. Today Durga and Sarwasti were looking prety, full on new look??
    7. Sometime I laugh hard, Guddan and Akshat being MIL and FIL show their romantic side, but DILs and Sons we never get to see being little romantic rather sons are always out of secene????????????????

  2. Thank you Shraddha. Have a nice weekend guys

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Happy weekend to you to

  3. I guess today its just u & me here Shraddha..hahaha
    Antra is such a cheapdi….hate her look & the way she wears the saree
    True, D & L were looking really nice today….actually I had always loved the way D wore the saree & her ornaments….aur humare Guddan & Akshat ke kya kehane..they r so lovable

  4. Pta nhi ku bt mujhe saraswati zyada beautiful lgti h guddan s from day 1

  5. Hi Nimi, Shraddha…I’m trying to enjoy my holiday and then I read this update and look at spoilers of upcoming episodes and I freak out at how evil people can be!!!!

    .I have just one question..
    When is Antara leaving this series?

    I hope Guddan’s wardrobe tampering is the last of Antara’s evil crap!
    I hope she is not going to trap Tanvesh/Akshat with another sleeping together/pregnancy scam…..and then producers extend her stay!!!
    It’s really time to move on from this track..

    I am so tired of seeing her face and hearing that witch like voice, that I need extra gym sessions to just to smash the punching bag!!!!

    1. Hey Nur, I too want Antra’s end from this show….she’s too much now, Can’t tolerate her anymore

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